Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 17th July 2019 Written Update: Rohit gets a mysterious call | Pari fights with Sonakshi


Todays’ episode opens with Suman getting a call from Amrita. Amrita tells Suman that the actress they had hired to perform at the function won’t be able to perform so send Sonakshi. Suman asks Amrita to send 12lakhs rupees and she will send Sona. Amrita gets agree.

Suman comes to Sonakshi’s room and wakes her up. Sonakshi says it’s her day off. Suman asks her to get ready, as she has to perform at Pari’s event. She says to her that she has returned the money and watch than she will only balance the loss by performing at the event which for which she is getting 12 Lakhs. Sonakshi surprisingly looks at her mother. Suman asks her to get ready and come soon.

Venna struggles to wear the dress. Naren helps her. Venna asks if he is joining them for today’s event. Naren takes out nail cutter from his pocket and gives to her.

Sonakshi practices for the dance performance. Sumit too comes for the event. Volunteer calls Pari for the dress rehearsal. Sumit weirdly looks at Pari.

Venna helps Naren to trim his nails. The duo shares a talk. Naren and Venna recalls the moments of their college days. Later, Venna shares her worry about Rohit with Naren. She says Rohit too needs a life partner at this phase of his life. Naren says everything will be fine.

At hospital, Rohit recalls his past and gets tensed. He calls someone but call couldn`t connect. After a while he gets a reply from otherside. Rohit gets restless and again tries to connect with the call. He runs out from the hospital.

Yk sings a romantic song for Nishi. He asks if she is still upset with him. Nishi cries and worries for Pooja. She says to YK that if Pooja won’t win than she won’t be able to handle the defeat, as she is sensitive and emotional too.

Sumit introduces himself to the contestant. Pooja gets tensed after she gets to know that Sumit is lead actor of Kahani Parvati Ki. Sumit talks with Pari in a friendly way and Pooja looks at them.

Yk makes Nishi to recall the past. He makes her understand that if Pooja loses today than like always they both will strongly support her and will encourage her. Nishi tells YK that she will accompany him this weekend to meet his mother. YK gets happy.

Sippy’s gets ready to leave for the event. Everyone praises Nishi.

Suman comes and asks Sonakshi whether she is ready or not. Sona says she has done the rehearsal. Pari comes to meet Sonakshi. Sona praises Pari and says she wants to talk with her.

Pari tells Sonakshi about Sumit. She asks Sona to go and talk with him, as he is the new judge for this competition. Pari ask Sonakshi to talk with Sumit for her. Sona tries to make her understand that whatever she is saying is wrong. Suman interrupts Sonakshi and takes Pari’s side. She asks Sona to recommend Pari’s name. Sonakshi disagrees with the duo. Pari yells at Sonakshi and says she is jealous of her. Sonakshi gets teary Pari goes away. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit and Sonakshi fight over a seat at the event.

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