Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18th July 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi’s ek-boyfriend Karan blocks her way!

Today’s episode opens with Rohit entering to the network company and asking a man to track one number. He pleads the man to help him out , as he is trying to reach the number from years.

Sonakshi thinks of Pari and Suman’s word and cries. Sunita asks to Sona is she fine? Sonakshi pours her heart out to her and cries. Rohit ask the man to find the location. The man says he can’t help him, as it is late at night. The man shouts at Rohit and ask him to bring police permission if he wants to track the number. Furious Rohit holds the collar of the man and yells at him. He goes away.

Sonakshi hugs Sunita and cries. Parallely Rohit is crying too. Jo Bheji Thi Dua song plays in the background.

Sunita calms down Sonakshi and her informs her that her costume is ready and is kept in trial room. Rohit gets a call from Ajit. Ajit informs Rohit that he forgot to bring grandmother’s diamond necklace. He says it is kept on the table and asks Rohit to bring it. Rohit gives calm reply Ajit asks if he is ok. Venna takes that call and asks Rohit where he is and what happened. Rohit says he is going home and will come at the function. Naren asks Venna not to worry about Rohit.

Pari gets a call from Suman and she talks rudely with her. Crew member asks Pari if she is fine. Pari says everything is well and good.

Sonakshi talks with audience and says it’s time to hide the Sonakshi under the make up and get ready with the smile. She gets emotional.

Rohit picks his mobile and checks it. Venna comes from behind. She asks what happened to him. Venna says did he made call on the same number. Rohit cries and says each day he calls on the same number but no one answers. He tells her someone received the call but didn’t answer him. He pours his out to Venna. Venna tries to calm him down. Rohit gets ready to attend Pooja’s function.

Sonkakshi ask Suinta did she have her lunch. Sunita says no. Sona asks her to go and have something first and they will start getting ready later. Venna asks driver to drive fast as Naren might be waiting for her. Rohit asks Venna if ever she has to choose between him and Naren than whom she will choose. Venna smartly answers him. Rohit smiles.

Sonakshi’s room gets dark. She calls for Sunita. Someone from behind comes and says I love you to her. Sonakshi gets scared and ask who is there. She switches ON the torch and gets shocked seeing Karan. Karan says it is right time to do the thing which is pending from years. Sona ask what he is doing here. Karan tells his girlfriend is top finalist so he came with her. Sonakshi pushes him and goes outside. She calls out for the help. Crew member comes and says fuse blew light will come in 5 minutes.

Karan comes from behind. Sonakshi ask him to stay away from her. He tries to talk with her. Sona goes inside and closes the door. Karan says destiny has brought them together again for a reason. Sonakshi goes inside. Karan thinks to embarrass Sonakshi.

Fashion show gets starts. Sippy’s gifts diamond necklace to Sukhmani. Sukhmani says she forgot it at home. Rohit says but he remembered. Everyone laughs.

Tanya and Rohan click the picture. Nishi comes and says she is getting nervous.  Mr. Mehra’s family comes. Sippy family members try to avoid them. Rohit says they are so boring. Everyone excuses themselves from there except Venna. Mrs. Mehra asks Venna did she talk with Rohit about the marriage. Venna says he always changes the topic. Mrs. Mehra says not to take tension, as one day he will agree for the marriage.

Naren and Venna see Rohit standing alone. Venna says don’t know when he will get his life partner. Sonakshi comes and goes to check Pari. She wishes Pari good luck but Pari goes away without replying her. Sumit watches them from far and recalls Sonakshi’s words. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Suman asks Dipa to vacant the seat, as the seat is allotted to her. Later, Sonakshi and Rohit argue to get the seats for their family members.