Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 19th July 2019 Written Update: Rohit and Sonakshi fight for their family!


Today’s episode opens with Sonakshi picking up the dress from the chair thinking it is Pari’s dress. She checks for the fault which Pari was talking. Pooja comes and looks for her dress. She sees Sonakshi holding her dress. Pooja asks Sona what she is doing with her dress. Sonakshi apologizes and says she thought it’s of Pari. Pooja tells her without permission she can’t touch any contestant’s dress and leaves.

Sonakshi checks Pari’s dress and says the button of the dress is loose. Suman shares her excitement with Pulkit. Pulkit calms her down and ask her to drink some water.

Karan comes and takes blessings from Suman. Suman gets shocked seeing her. Pulkit gets angry and goes to hit him but Suman stops him. Karan with his words provoked and Pulkit ends up throwing water on his face. Pulkit asks Karan to leave else he will beat him too. He also gives him 20rs and asks Karan to take auto. Karan goes from there with the money. Suman worries.

YK gets a call from someone and he gets tensed. Rohit asks what happened. YK tells him that his mother appendix got burst and she is admitted in the hospital. Rohit ask YK to go and be with his mother and they all are here for Pooja.

Designer comes to check Summit. Summit asks her to fix his dress. He further manipulates a designer so that Pari has a wardrobe malfunction. The girl gets ready to follow his order.

Nishi looks for YK. Ajit says he will come. Venna asks Rohit to call Naren. Nishi sees Suman and decides to teach her a lesson. She intentionally bumps into Suman and starts taunting her. Pulkit comes and takes Suman from there.

Suman sees Dipa has occupied her seat. She asks Dipa to vacant the place. Dipa tells her that she is asked to settle on this seat. Suman started shouting. Nishi says that Dipa will not go anywhere. Sunita informs Sonakshi that her mother is fighting with someone. Sona goes to check.

Sonakshi asks to Amrita about the matter. She asks Amrita to sort out the matter. Amrita asks Dipa to shift to the other chair. Rohit comes and says Dipa is her aunt and she will not change her seat. Sonakshi and Rohit get into a heated argument. Preeti comes and calls for Parvati. Sonakshi goes and talks with preeti. Rohit too ask Preeti about her health. Later, Preeti gives her seat and asks them not to fight over seat. Rohit says that for one seat Rastogi’s doing so much drama. If Pooja will win the crown, than they all have to put Rastogi’s on ventilator. Sona hears him and says Pari will win today. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Rohit and Sonakshi dance together. Later, Pari accuses Sonakshi and Rohit too blames Sona in front of all. Sonakshi yells back at Rohit.

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