Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 19th June 2019 Written Update : Rohit watches Parvati Ki Kahanai!

Episode today opens with Rohit checking Sonakshi’s pulse.

Rohit says her BP is needed to check. Someone from the crowd ask to bring BP meter of production that they uses for shooting. Rohit looks at them blankly. He check Sonakshi’s BP and say its low. Sonakshi wakes up and sees Rohit. KHKT theme song plays.

Rohit says to Sonakshi that because of tiredness your BP is low, Sonakshi nods head. He asks her to consume liquid supplements more. Rohit writes medicine for her, Sonakshi says she can’t take these medicines. He asks why, she says she’ll catch skin allergy, she has read on internet. Rohit says OK then call doctor Internet for your cure and leaves the place.

Someone from the crew inform Sonakshi that Rohit Sippy is famous doctor and his news is been published on the front page of the newspaper. Sonakshi says seriously, he is big doctor. Rohit hears her and says over smart actors. He sees Sonaskhi’s poster and gets irked. He calls his driver and goes.

Back at Rohit’s house his servant discuss about Parvati and her husband. Rohit calls Vimmi and say her to serve the food. Vimmi says she’ll bring his food in the room, Rohit says he will eat at dining table.

At Sonakshi’s house her mother ask her how she got faint and scolds Netra for making her work day and night. She says from now her daughter will not work all day long. Netra sarcastically taunts Sona and ask her to take a break and go on a holiday. She tells they pays lakh rupees for one episodes but ask Sona to take 12 days break and go. Health is more important than money. Sonakshi’s mother says no need Sona will go for the shooting from tomorrow.

Sonakshi ask for Pari. Madhubala says she is not at home. Sona mother comes and ask Sona to go and sleep. Her mother compares TV and Film and says TV is small platform so don’t interrupt in Pari’s matter she will handle her. Sonakshi gets teary.

She goes and cries in her room. She talks to the audience, why people don’t understand TV actors or Film both are same we are hardworking too. She tells we shoot 12-14 hours a day and cries telling her story.

Back at Rohit’s house Vimmi fastly serves food to Rohit.

Rohit ask her to go and watch her show. She turn on the show Rohit gets scared when Parvati shouts in the serial. Rohit ask to Vimmi which show is this. She says it is KPK, he says what. She says Kahani Parvati Ki. He tells Vimmi he met to Paravati today. Vimmi ask questions about her and Rohit tells whatever happened today. He watches the show and continuously disturbs Vimmi by asking questions on the drama going on.

Rohit watches Parvati’s show and reacts blankly. He ask Vimmi why she turns thrice and why she delivers one word thrice, Vimmi looks at him and he says sorry and ask her to continue watching. He asked water from Hari and he drinks water without giving it to Rohit. Rohit watches the show and Paravati in the serial says she will do operation to save her husband. Rohit shouts what the hell, how can she do operation. Hari and Vimmi ask him to sit and watch the series.

Rohit gets irked and punches the cushion when Parvati comes out from the operation theatre and says she saved her husband.

Sonakshi sees messages from her fans. His brother comes and she talks with him.

Rohit speaks someone on call and ask to transfer the call to Medical Council Of India as he wants to talk to him right now. He complains about the show Paravti ki Kahani and says they are doing mocking doctors in the show. he says he want to file official complaint. Call hangs up. He says he will put the the end to Parvati’s story.

Precape: Rohit goes and says to Parvati can I speak to you. She asked him to wait for 5 mins. Sona ask Rohit not to create scene here. Later, Rohit and Sonakshi do argument and everyone looks on.