Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 1st July 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi meets Karan!

Today’s episode opens with Rohit asking to nurse is there TV serial shooting going on. Nurse says no. He says to her shall he do her work. Sona says it’s ok and leaves the place. She turns back, lashes Rohit, and says it’s not about Preeti it’s about his ego. Rohit says he don’t owe to give any explanations to her. He says door will not open for her. Sona asks about the visiting hour. Nurse tells her the time. She says now she will go back home after meeting Preeti. Rohit looks at her, says good night and left.

At Sippy’s mansion Rohit gets a call from Neha. She tells him that Sonakshi is not leaving the place. She tells him that Sona is saying she will meet Preeti at any cost. Rohit says she is an actress and doing drama. He asks Neha to take care of her. He hangs up the call.

Sona gets a call from Pulhi. She tells her brother to inform Suman that she will come in the morning after meeting Preeti. Sonakshi again gets a video call from Preeti and tells her that she will come to meet her in the morning.

Rohit says it was dramatic day today. He and Rohan talks about plot. Ajit comes and interrupts them. The trio spends time with each other. Ajit talks with Rohit about Sonakshi. Later, Rohan too joins the talk about Sonakshi. Ajit asks Rohit to tell about his girlfriend. Rohit recalls his past and gets sad. Rohan asks Ajit not to pull his legs. Rohit asks them to suggest the name of good series streaming on internet.

Sonakshi comes to the cafeteria. Man asks her what she wants. Sonakshi asks for green tea. Sonakshi waits for the tea. She sees Nurse having her dinner. Nurse asks to come and sit with her. She talks with Sona. She offers food to Sona. Sonakshi says she is on diet. The duo talks to each other. Meanwhile, some shouts and asks for help. Sona gets restless. Nurse tells her not to worry as voice always comes from emergency ward.

A boy scolds his girlfriend and says why you drink so much. Nurse says she is bleeding. Sonakshi comes and gets shocked seeing Karan. Karan too sees Sonakshi and runs to meet her. She calls Sonakshi but Sona leaves the place. He holds her hand and stops her. He tells don’t you remember him. He is her ex-boyfriend Karan. Sona gets teary hearing him. Karan’s girlfriend comes. He says will introduce you to someone. He introduces Nikki to Sonakshi. Nikki says she is your ex-girlfriend. Karan says he left Sona because she is arrogant and laughs. He tells Nikki how he has broken his engagement with her. Sona recalls her past and gets teary.

Showbizz editor scolds his staffs for bring lame news. He sasy he didn’t send them in the inauguration for brining classy images. He asks them to bring some entertainment news for his newspaper. One of the employees shows him something. He says will publish this news.

Rohit and Naren take the lift at the same time. Naren says Ajit told him that he is planning to wait Sona whole night outside the ICU. He asks him to respect women. Rohit looks at his father, says something and goes.

YK gets a call. Nurse tells him that Police came at the hospital. Suman asks Nurse to find her daughter. Nurse asks him to come fast. Sippy’s come to the hospital. Suman tells  her daughter came for the inauguration last night but she didn’t yet reached home. She asks them to find her. Everyone looks at Suman.

Precap: Suman asks Police to file missing complain. Police tells her they can’t before 24 hours. Rohit and everyone checks CCTV and finds that Sonakshi stepped out from the hospital at night. He worries why Sonakshi switched off her mobile.