Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20th January 2020 Written Update: Rohit slaps Veena!

Today’s episode starts with Rohit accusing Sonakshi for telling her mother the truth so easily. Sonakshi asks Rohit to believe her she didn’t do anything. Rohit asks her prover her words.

Few hours before;

Suman asks Rohi to swear on Sonakshi that she is lying about Naren. Veena says to Rohit that he will not take any promise and asks Suman to get out from the house. SUman before leaving shows the blood report of Pooja and Naren and proved Naren as Pooja’s father. She also adds that Rohit , YK and Nishi was already knowing the truth. Veena and Pooja starts stunned.

Rohit asks Sonakshi that he trusted her and told her the truth but how easily she told the truth to her mother. Sonakshi about to say something meanwhile, Veena faints. Rohit and other Sippy mates panics. Naren about to touch Veena but Rohit stops him.  Veena’s health worsens and when Sonakshi tries to interrupt Rohit stops her.

Later, Rohit screams and accuses at Sonakshi for telling truth to Suman so easily. Sonakshi asks Rohit to believe her she didn’t do anything. Rohit asks her prove her words.

There, Nishi and YK worry for Pooja. Naren decides to say sorry to Pooja. Rohit stops him and says he can’t fix the things now. Naren says from so many years he kept the things balanced but what all happened is because of his wife and classless mother-in law. Other side, Sonakshi goes to Suman and asks her to tell her from where he learned about Naren’s truth. Suman breaks her tries with Sonakshi and don’t let her enter the house.

There, Ajit reveals to Sonakshi that in drunken state he told truth to Suman. Sonakshi gets stunned. Ravi informs to Snakshi that Veena regains her consciousness. Venna wakes up and behaves weird and Rohit slaps her.

Veena cries and pours her heart out to all. She says the whole family has cheated her and says to Rohit that she hates him and from now she won’t see her face. She says she is not his mother. Rohit stands shocked and goes out from the room. He gets teary and recalls his moments with Veena. Here, Veena recalls her moments with Naren and the family. Rohit locks his room door. Sonakshi tries to talk with him. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit asks Sonakshi who told Naren’s truth to Suman. Ajit from out pleads Sonakshi. Sonakshi lies to Rohit. Rohit says he hates her.