Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st August 2019 Written Update: Rohit lies to Sippy’s that he loves Sonakshi


Today’s episode starts with Rohit. He says to Sonakshi to show her eyes to the lion and he will be flat. Sonakshi says does her eyes are so powerful. Rohit says they are beautiful. He says her fans might be praising her similarly. Sonakshi says bye and goes away.

Pari calls Rohan and asks him about Rohit. Rohan talks with Pari. Suman comes from behind. Pooja comes to Rohan and ask about Rohit. Rohan says grandmother has giving strict warning not to talk with Rohit.

Suman ask Pari why she was talking with Rohan Sippy. Pari says Rohan has a contact at Bollywood thus she was trying to be friendly with him. Suman yells at Pari and says if she has not allowed Sonakshi to keep any contact with Sippy’s than same rule applies to her too. She scolds Pari and goes away. Pulkit says to Pari that Suman is changing and she should change herself too. Pari ask Pulkit to go away.

Rohit looks for Ravi. Guard tells him that no car came to pick him up. Sonakshi ask to Rohit what happened. Rohit tells Sona that Ravi didn’t come to pick him up. Sonakshi says she will give him the lift. Rohit agrees to go with Sonakshi.

At Sippy house everyone discuss about Rohit’s marriage. Vimmi tells everyone that Rohit is coming. She informs Rohan that his friend Rahul is waiting for him.

Rohan goes to Rahul and ask him to help Pari. He asks Rahul to invite Pari for his birthday party rest he will manage. Sonakshi and Rohit come. Rohan avoids Rohit and goes inside.

Rahul greets Rohit. Sonakshi looks at Rohit and recalls her moments with Rohit (Aadha Ishq song plays in the background).

Ajit comes and greets Sonakshi. Sonakshi comes back to her senses. She says she came to drop Rohit and goes.

Rohit comes to the house and Sippy’s avoids him. Venna too avoids Rohit. Rohit says he is going to his room.

Rohit in her room thinks to convenience Sippy’s, as all are upset with him.

Venna and Vimmi discuss about Rohit. Rohit comes to the dining table. He initiates the talk and apologizes to everyone. Grandma tells details about some girl and asks Rohit to marry her. Sippy’s supports Grandma and asks Rohit to get married. Rohit defends them and ask Venna to supports him. Venna says she can’t this time.

Naren ask Rohit to follow Grandma’s order, as already he wasted 4years on the one woman. Nishi asks Rohit to marry soon.

Rohit tells to the family that he went to Pune to tell Raima’s mother that he has moved on in his life and loves someone else. Sippy’s get shocked. Nishi says Rohit is fooling them. No one believes Rohit and questions him for hiding with them about the girl. Rohti says he was looking for the right time to tell them. YK ask name of the girl. Ajit interrupts and says Sonakshi Rastogi. Vimmi drops the soon hearing Sona’s name.

Rohit says he loves Sonakshi Rastogi. Rohan asks Rohit to stop uttering non-sense. Ajit explains everyone how Rohit fell in love with Sonakshi. Grandma says she likes Sonakshi a lot.

Naren ask Rohit is he telling truth. Rohit says yes and looks at Ajit. Venna too says she likes Sonakshi a lot. Vimmi asks Rohit when he is going to bring Sonakshi home.

Venna asks Rohit to bring Sonakshi for the Teej function. Rohit stands shocked. Ajit asks Rohit not to get nervous. Rohit makes an excuse and goes to Ajit.  He asks him to come with him, as he has to talk something important with him. Ajit gets scared.

Sonakshi says she is hungry today. Shankar comes with Sonakshi’s tiffin and says it’s homemade. Sona gets surprised and says from home. She opens the tiffin and sees her favorite dish. Sonakshi finds a letter inside the tiffin and reads there is butter in a small box eat today without bothering about the diet.

Rohit chokes Ajit and ask him who asked him to say Sonakshi’s name. Ajit explains that he saw Sonakshi outside the house so she came first in his mind. Rohit says Sonakshi is just her friend.

Sonakshi calls to Suman and praises for the food. The duo gets emotional while talking with each other.

Ajit suggests a plan to Rohit how to invite Sonakshi for the function. Rohit gets agree with Ajit. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Grandma asks Venna to hurry up for Rohit and Sonakshi’s alliance. Rohit says I love you to Sonakshi. Venna goes to Sonakshi’s house and Suman gets shocked seeing her.

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