Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st February 2020 Written Update: Rohit saves Sonakshi from Tanya

Today’s episode starts with Suman. She says to Sonakshi that Pari will stay here till delivery. Sonakshi gets happy. Suman shares her worry with Sonakshi and says Pari will always be called as a single mother. Sonakshi makes Suman understand that in today’s world more than father’s name mother’s name is required more. She says Pari’s child will be lucky for them.

Later, Sonakshi gets a new show to play the role of sisiter-in law. She gets happy. Here, Rohit discuss about the symptoms of super virus and tells to them that they need to find about the disease and cure.

Here, at restaurant Sonakshi meets the producer and discuss about the scene. She spots Veena, Nisha and Vimmi at the restaurant. Sonakshi meets Vimmi and learns that Tanya suffered miscarriage. Meanwhile, Nishi instigate Venna and says along with Deepa and Akash they should get Rohit married too. There, Vimmi tells to Sonakshi that Rohan tried to harm Pari but Rohit saved her.

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At hospital, Sonakshi meets Naren. She says she is here to meet Tanya. Naren’s body shows the movement. He holds Sonakshi’s hand. Ajit says to Sonakshi that after accident his body showed the movement for the first time. Sonakshi gets teary and asks Ajit to take well care of Naren.

Rohit sees Sonakshi from far. He says he knows Naren don’t want Sonakshi to leave. He recalls Nishi’s word where she has threatened him. Later, Sonakshi meets Tanya. Tanya gets furious on her. She was about to hit Sonakshi but Rohit saves her. Rohit gets hurt. Tanya gets mad and Rohit asks Tulsi to take care of her.

Ahead, Rohit gets angry at Sonakshi for doing drama and acting fake. He asks Sonakshi to leave. After, Sonakshi leaves Rohit gets teary and apologize. He says she should stay away from him and his family. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Sonakshi flirts with Sumit in front of Rohit.