Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st January 2020 Written Update: Rohit manhandles Sonakshi!

Today’s episode opens with Rohit in drunken state beats himself and says to Sonakshi that he is fool who trusted her. He breaks the glass. Sonakshi stands stunned.

Few hours before;

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Sonakshi asks Rohit to open the door and gives her promise. She consoles a devastated Rohit. She says to Rohit that they together will handle the situation. Rohit recalls Suman’s word and asks Sonakshi how Suman learned the truth. Ajit from outside pleads Sonakshi and Sonakshi to save Ajit from Rohit’s wrath takes the blame on herself. Rohit says to Sonakshi that he hates her. He says trust between them has been broken by  her. Sonakshi sits shocjed.

There, Rohit worries for Pari. Tanya asks Rohan Veena is going through much pain and he is still after Pari. Rohan tells to Tanya that he loves Pari and don’t bother about anyone not even his unborn child Tanya stands teary. Tanya says to Rohan that he is same like his father. Rohan says he is not like his father because his father cheated upon her mother but he will leave her. Tanya cries.

Other side, Rohit drinks and Sonakshi asks Rohit to stop drinking as it is late at night. Rohit addresses Sonakshi as Paravati and pours his heart out to Sonakhsi. Rohit says to Sonkashi that she has broken his trust. Rohit in drunken state pushes Sonakshi and beats himself and says to Sonakshi that he is fool who trusted her. He breaks the glass. Sonakshi stands stunned. Rohit manhandles Sonakshi and falls on the ground. Ajit helps Sonakshi and took Rohit to the room.

Ajit then asks to Sonakshi to tell his truth to Rohit as he can’t see him hating her. Sonkashi asks AJit not to bother about her as her relationship is not so weak. Sonakshi kisses Rohit’s forehead and makes Rohit falls asleep.

In the morning, Sonakshi brings lime water for Rohit and Rohit asks her to stay away. He goes to meet her mother and asks her to open the door. Naren comes and Rohit asks him to stay away from Veena too.

Veena opens the door. Naren apologizes to Veena. Rohit too but Veena asks the duo to leave her alone as they both cheated her. Sonakshi comes and Veena thanks Sonakshi for waking her up from the sleep and her dreamy world. Rohit stares Sonakshi. Pooja comes to Sonakshi and says to her that she wants to talk with her. Nishi sees Pooja and Sonakshi together.

Nishi than confronts that she only wanted the property of Naren and don’t bother about Pooja. She vows to destroy Sonakshi if things don’t get fine like before.

Precap: Nishi pushes Naren from the terrace and puts the blame on Sonakshi. Rohit sends the divorce paper to Sonakshi.