Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st October 2019 Written Update: Rohit misses Sonakshi so much in his engagement

Episode begins with Rohit and the family members are standing together and all are waiting for Sonakshi as it’s quite late. Naren is already making sign out of it and is indirectly trying to say that Sonakshi doesn’t care for the family and the emotions. Rohit tries to make them understand that even they got late sometimes due to surgeries and emergency duties and it is perfectly normal. Naren mocks the occupation of Sonakshi and save we got late due to saving lives of people not because of acting and dancing. Rohit takes a stand for Sonakshi and says that is her job and just because our profession difference that doesn’t make her job look low in front of us. Sulochona says to Rohit you could have got married to Raima instead at least she is here with you. Rohit gets pissed big time but he is putting about all this just to not make the situation bitter. Rohan comes and stop them as guests are there and their arguments are audible. Narendra says I am not going to take the taunts of the guest just because of our would be daughter-in-law who doesn’t care a bit about her own engagement.

Ajit and Pooja finds a way out to make them glued the event by announcing a paper dance. He called for Naren and Veena, Akash and Deepa, Pooja and YK and the other couple who are present at the ceremony. When sulochna asked Rohit to also take part in the couple dance game.

Rohit says it’s a couple dance game and my better half is not with me. Solution is where it is mandatory that you have to dance with your life partner only? Raima is your friend so you can dance with her as well. Raima suggested Rohit to dance or else she will not shut up. Rohit imagines Sonakshi while dancing with Raima on the paper. Imagine ki and Sonakshi weather and dancing with each other like there is no one around them. He stepped out of the paper in that flowing emotion and they got out of the game.
Suman comes and handovers the box offering to Pari and asks her to keep it really safe. She went behind Rohan when he goes to his room to bring medicine for Tanya.

Mahesh who is in Sippy mansion is trying to stop the ceremony anyhow hence he stole the ring of Rohit for engagement from Rohan’s room. He locks Rohan and Pari in that room without their notice. Rohit is missing Sonakshi when he hears a voice that wouldn’t he welcome his Madhuri? He was so happy to listen to her voice and when he turned he sees that Sonakshi performing on an item song of Madhuri Dixit just for him. He gets so overwhelmed and excited to see her like that. While Naren finds it very awkward and embarrassing.

Post the dance Sonakshi asks Rohit if he is happy with it? Rohit runs to her hand tightly and says she was better than Madhuri and he is so happy. The family members have also praised Sonakshi for compensating the late coming in a perfect way. Sonakshi goes to Naren and says sorry for coming late but he walks out from there without answering.

Precap – Rohit and Sonakshi are teasing each other, Sonakshi is in Rohit room and light goes off. She thinks it is Rohit behind her but it was Mahesh.