Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 22nd July 2019 Written Update: Rohit protects Sonakshi!

Today’s episode opens with Rohit indirectly taunts as says for one seat so much drama, after Pooja will win the crown than they have to carry Rastogi’s on the ventilator. Sonakshi gives it back to Rohit and says Pooja is pretty but Pari will win the crown for sure.

Sonakshi turns and sees Venna and Rohit’s grandmother. She apologizes for her behavior and says she did it for her mother. Venna says they can understand and praises Sonakshi.

Host introduces about the event to everyone. Nishi taunts Suman again. Suman replies her back. Host calls Rohit on the stage and praises him. He later calls judges on the stage and asks Rohit to handover the bouquet. Host calls Sumit on stage and Rohit gets stunned.

Sumit says to Rohit that this is strange day before he was making fun of him and now welcoming him with bouquet. Rohit gives a befitting reply to him. Host asks everyone to settle down and the event starts with the introduction of the top 5 finalists.

Sonakshi sees Pari and gets excited. She praises Pooja too. The contestants do the ramp walk and out of them dolly falls down. Sippy’s cheers up for Pooja and Suman and Pulkit for Pari.

Karan holds Dolly and scolds her for her poor performance. Dolly yells back at Karan and raises hand on Dolly. Sonakshi holds his hand and asks Karan to behave properly. Dolly shouts at Sona at asks her to stay away from her and Karan’s personal matter. Sonakshi gives a befitting reply to Dolly and goes away.

Sonakshi hugs Pari from back and congratulates her for the first round performance. She tells Pari to be confident for question & answer round and gives her the tips. Pari pushes Sonakshi and yells at Sona in front of everyone. Pooja looks at them. Sonakshi gets teary and host announces for her performance. Sona goes away. Dolly taunts Sona after what Pari did and asks her to look into her personal matter before interfering in others life.

Sonakshi asks for Arjun and Karan hears her. Karan thinks of a plan and locks Arjun’s room to spoil Sona’s performance. Nishi looks for YK.

Karan gives money to firework man and asks him to do whatever he is saying. He asks the man to just increase his firework. Man gets ready to help Karan and asks him to alert Sonakshi to be careful while performing else she might can gt burned.

Sonakshi dances on (Leja Leja re song). Karan asks the man to start the firework. Spark falls on Sonakshi and she feels the pain but continues dancing. Crew member asks amrita to stop the dance, as Sonakshi is getting hurt. Amrita says she has paid 12lakhs to Suman so dance will continue.

Preeti sees and tells Rohit that Sparks are falling on Parvati. Rohit sees and gets tensed. Preeti ask Rohit to help Paravati. Rohit asks Body cream from Nishi and rushes to save her. He goes behind the stage and worries how to apply the ointment.

One of the crew members thinks Rohit is Arjun and pushes him on the stage. Sonakshi gets shocked seeing Rohit. Rohit pulls Sonakshi towards him and applies the cream. Sonakshi feels better. Amrita, Karan, Summit and Sippy’s gets shocked seeing Rohit on stage. Venna tells to Naren that they both look cute together. Naren smiles and agrees with Venna. Everyone claps.

Rohit goes away. Karan comes to meet Sonakshi. He taunts Sona and says her new boyfriend is loyal and caring. He can’t see her in pain. She gets hurt and pain is seen on his face. Sonakshi says he loves her a lot and he is rich too and praises Rohit’s achievement. Sona threatens Karan and ask him stay away from her, else’s next time she’ll use her powers. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pooja puts blame on Sonakshi and Rohit too accuses Sona. Sonakshi yells back at Rohit.