Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 23rd August 2019 Written Update: Rohit gets help from Netra


Today’s episode starts with Rohit coming to the hospital. Tulsi ask Rohit why he is here.

Rohit says to Tulsi that he is feeling that he is going to get a heart attack. Tulsi gets restless and Rohit ask her not to worry and go.

Rohit dials Raima’s number and thinks if she would have been here than he wouldn’t have lie to his family.

Raima’s mother ask doctor does Raima is showing any improvement. Doctor says there is no improvement in her body and it’s sometimes body reacts of person who is in coma. Sana decides to take Raima to the Chandigarh.

Sonakshi gets stunned seeing Venna and Suman together. Suman tells to the Sona that she has cleared all the misunderstanding with Venna. She shows her the present that Venna brought for her.

Venna tells to Sonakshi that Rohit doesn’t miss Raima but he misses her love. She thanks Sonakshi for bringing love back into her life. She tells to Sonakshi that Rohit loves her a lot. Sonakshi stays numb.

Suman sees the gift and says what Venna thinks she will buy her by giving expensive gifts. She keeps the gift and says Sonakshi speaks loudly with her for the first time because of Rohit and she will not forget it easily.

Ajit comes to Rohit and ask what Sonakshi said. Rohti gets angry on Ajit for putting him in trouble. He asks him to think something.

Grandma says to Rohit initiate the talk with Sonakshi else they will approach her mother for the alliance. Nishi says to Rohit that if he is still confused for his feelings towards Sonakshi than he can say. Venna says if he doesn’t like Sona than he can tell her, as they have list of few more girls. Rohit says he will talk with Sonakshi and will call her for the dinner too.

Rohit in his room dails Sonakshi’s number but Sonakshi avoids his calls.

Sippy’s sits for eating food before observing the fast.

Sonakshi shoots and director says to Sona that she can leave, as her part of shooting is done.

Netra comes and informs Sonakshi that channel says yes to replace Sumit. Sona sees Rohit on her sets and hides from him. Netra ask Sona what happened. Sonakshi ask her to come with her.

Tanya comes to Rohan and says she is hungry. Rohan ask Tanya to have food hiding from everyone. Tanya says she can’t do that.

Rohan gives present to Tanya and Tanya gets happy.

Rohan calls Pari and informs her about Rahul’s birthday party. Pari gets agree to come in Rahul’s birthday party.

Netra says to Sonakshi that Rohit has a problem with their dramas but he himself has written such an illogical story.

Sonakshi gets a call from Suman and she asks Sona to attend Teejri function of Kewalrawani. Sonakshi says she will go.

Rohit enquires about Sonakshi from Rakesh. Netra comes and indirectly helps Rohit. She tells Rohit about Sonakshi’s whereabouts. Rohit thanks Netra and goes. Netra prays to the God to unite Rohit and Sonakshi.

Venna and Nishi come to Kewlarawani’s Teejri celebration. Venna sees Sonakshi at the function and gets happy. Sonakshi performs at the function and Rohit struggles to meet Sonakshi.

Sonakshi does the photo session with the guests and Venna smile seeing Sonakshi. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Rohit tells to Sonakshi that at his house there is Teejri dinner and he has committed to his family that he will bring her.  Sonakshi says to Rohit that he has gone mad. He enters to the ladies washroom behind Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks Rohit not to utter a word.

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