Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 23rd January 2020 Written Update: The differences between Rohit and Sonakshi are increasing

Episode starts with Sonakshi calls her mother to have a conversation. Suman cuts the call saying it is wrong number, Sonakshi decides that you cannot ignore me like this. Sonakshi decides to meet Suman but when she is going outside of the house she overhears the conversation of Akash and Deepa. Akash is saying my elder brother cannot give away the entire property to Pooja and Veena only.

Akash says that we all have an equal share in the property and if he somehow tries to disown us then I will file a legal case on him. Sonakshi gets to hear that and she gets worried about the unity of the family and decided to have a conversation regarding this with Rohit. She straight away goes to hospital to meet Rohit. Rohit on the other hand receives a video file from the videographer which is about their marriage. He plays the video in his laptop and is watching their marriage visuals. He paused the video on the face of Sonakshi and is looking at her. He remembers what all happened between them in the last hours and he is feeling bad for that.

At that moment, Sonakshi entered his cabin and he close the laptop answers I have some emergency meeting lined up and I cannot talk to you right now. She says I have something important to share with you then I am waiting until your meeting gets over. Rohit is having a meeting with people and he is watching Sonakshi is sitting outside and waiting to talk to him. Both of them are noticing each other when Rohit calls for emergency case that is waiting for him to send inside.

Sonakshi comes inside and she says that I have a patient lined up for check, Sonakshi says that is me only because I have taken an appointment to meet you. She says to Rohit that whatever is Naren doing regarding the property is not right because he cannot named the entire property after Veena and Pooja only. Rohit says I do not care about that man but I do agree with this decision of his at least in this way he can compensate.

Sonakshi says you cannot compensate the lost love with money, Rohit says if he really loves my mother then he would have never did what he did so the question is not about love here. For the first time I agree with the decision he took and I have no problem with it. Basically I don’t want to discuss this matter with you because I want you to be away from my family matters. Sonakshi says this is my family as well and I will talk about it.

Rohit told her she should have thought about it then when she just blurted out everything to her mother in spite of he saying no again and again. He says the problem started from there and you cannot do anything right now. He asked her to leave as he has some work to do and he says just go and tell your mother about this because without it you cannot digest your food.

Sonakshi left the cabin and Rohit feels bad for talking to her in such a rude manner. He is feeling depressed while Sonakshi also get upset with this kind of behaviour from Rohit.

Tanya world Rohan that if he tries to leave the house then she will file so many cases against him and the family is standing besides her hands he will not get anything from this house as well and he has to take care of the alumni will be claiming in the divorce case alone as well. Rohan gets scared with subtitle threat of Tanya and he cuts the call of Pari who is waiting to have a conversation with him.

Rohit is coming back home when he meets the lady of love women welfare team who came over his house to blackened the face of Naren. He get shocked to know that Sonakshi has higher than and she only 28 told them to come at their house and does a drama.

Sonakshi had a talk with the name over the share of property and left the room and Nishi overhears the conversation from outside. Rohit is waiting for Sonakshi in the room and when she entered he asked her where was she all this while? She lied to him but he caught it instantly. She said that I was with your father and I told him about the property thing.

Rohit says that when I told you to stay away from this matter then why did you go to my father and had a talk with him. They are talking with each other when they hear a scream and rushed outside and finds out Naren is lying on the balcony in a pool of blood.

Precap – Veena asked the police inspector to take away Sonakshi for interrogation.