Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 23rd July 2019 Written Update: Pooja suffers wardrobe malfunction and blames Sonakshi!

Today’s episode opens with: Sonakshi comes and Suman ask her to sit bedise her. Preeti ask is she fine. Sona says she is absolutely fine. Host announces for the second round and calls the contestants on the stage.

Sonakshi calls Rohit and apologizes for her rude behavior. She says thank you to him for applying the ointment and coming on the right time and saved her. Rohit asks Sona to thanks Preeti for everything. Sonakshi thanks to Preeti and indirectly taunts Rohit. Rohit sarcastically replies her. Preeti asks both of them to shake hands.

Host announces the name of top three contestants. Dolly, Pooja and Pari becomes the first three finalists. Sumit looks at the crew member to whom he has asked to damage Pari’s wardrobe.

Pari goes to the room and sees the strain on her outfit. She worries and call for the help. Pari exchanges her dress with Pooja’s dress. Dolly sees her. The three of them gets ready and walks on the ramp.

Sumit look at the girl and signals her. He waits for the Pari’s dress to fall. Sippy’s cheers up for Pooja. And Rastogi’s for Pari.

Everyone gets shocked when Pooja suffers a wardrobe malfunction. Sonakshi runs to the stage and hugs her. Everyone gets stunned. Nishi and Sonakshi cover Pooja and take her inside.

Pooja cries out loud and hugs Rohit. Sippy’s tries to console Pooja. Media comes to take Pooja’s interview. Ajit stops them from entering the room.

Sumit takes the mic and shows his sympathy to the Pooja. Pari wins the crown everyone applauds for her. Venna goes to give the diamond necklace to the winner. Sonakshi wants to meet Pooja but Rohit ask her to leave his family alone. He asks the volunteer to stop letting anyone to get in. Sonakshi goes away.

Pooja cries and reveals that someone has done conspiracy against her. Rohit and everyone get stunned. Pooja sees Sonakshi and recalls the flashback. Rohit and Pooja blame Sonakshi. Sonakshi tries to explain but Pooja says she has seen her with her dress. Sonakshi gets stunned. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pari tells Sonakshi the truth. Sonakshi tries to talk with Rohit but Rohit says he will expose her in front of the world and breaks his phone.