Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 23rd October 2019 Written Update: Rohit and Sonakshi got engaged to each other

The episode begins with Rohit is asking Sonakshi to come down and everybody gathers in their room to ask what happened. Rohit tries to console Sonakshi but he is also shocked with all the events. He asks all to be with her and goes out of the room to catch the culprit. Veena is coming in the room and she meets Rohit and asks what happened? Rohit says please be with Sonakshi and don’t leave her alone. Suman Veena Pooja and everyone else comes in the room and gets shocked to see the scenario. Rohit comes out and asks security people about that person,they said they were unable to locate him and maybe he escaped. Rohit says what nonsense is this? How come he just escape with an injured leg, he must be around, just look for him.

Rohit tries to look for he is hiding behind the cars in the parking area. Mahesh throws an empty water jar to divert their mind so that you can escape. Rohit noticed the jar and says maybe he is inside and all the security cards of comes inside the house when Rohit turned and see that the person whom he saw jumping from his balcony is going from there sitting in a taxi. He tries to follow the taxi by running behind it but then stopped and goes back in the house to have a check on Sonakshi. He comes at his room and Sonakshi is still shaking and fumbling with the shock. He sits in front of her and says I want to talk with Sonakshi in private.

Everyone left the room leaving the two and Rohit sits beside her and assures her that everything is fine. He says to Sonakshi only I am here and nobody else is present.

She tries to say something but Rohit is continuously trying to console her and make her calm down. He says you don’t need to worry anymore, I will not leave that scoundrel. He needs to be punished, Sonakshi finally looks up to him and elaborate the entire incident to him. She says he has applied your perfume and I thought you were here to take your penalty kiss. She says something is not right and Rohit asks her why she is saying so? She told him what all happened in the past few days. From a stranger barged into her makeup room as a tailor to take her measurement, someone assaulted her building watchman and took his place in her apartment. Rohit listens to her and gets worried but didn’t show it on face. He tries to make her cheerful I am not going anywhere from here and I will not leave you for a second from now on. I love you a lot and I am going to protect you henceforth.

Puja comes to their room with the engagement dress of Sonakshi. Rohit stays with her through and through while she gets ready and done with her touch up. He comes to the hall taking Sonakshi in his arms. The flower petals showers on them and he makes her sit on the couch and settled besides her. The family members start with the preparations of engagement as per the ritual. Both Suman and Veena do perform the customs as per the Sindhi rituals. After that both of them are going to exchange rings but Sonakshi finds the ring is missing for Rohit. Everyone in the house gets tensed for a second when Sonakshi asks Pooja to bring her purse. She takes out another box of ring and says to to Rohit you wanted to wear a ring of my choice so I bought it for you. The one which gets lost is chosen by Raima, Rohit slightly smiles. Post the ring exchange ceremony Rohit gives Sonakshi bracelet as a sign of their friendship which needs to be the base of the relationship. He says nobody is superior in a relationship and we both are going to be equal. Everyone clapped for both of them Sonakshi smilez seeing Rohit.

Rohit is in Sonakshi’s house with ACP and he also listen to the whole scenario from Sonakshi and concluded that the attacker must be an obsessed fan of Sonakshi. He says you are a celebrity and many people idolise you, maybe he is one such fan who thinks you are made for him or else he will not have replied the perfume of Rohit. He advised Sonakshi to have security with her from now on and they will be investigating on this.

Mahesh on the other side is injured but he thinks he is successful in ruining the engagement ceremony. He took out the ring from pocket and says Parvati is mine only as he feels he wins it. He vows to teach a lesson to Rohit for causing him pain.

Precap – Police comes at the KPK set to look for the ring.