Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 23rd September 2019 written update: Rohit struggles to confess his love for Sonakshi

Episode begins with Rohit and Sonakshi are in his cabin. Sonakshi is in a dilemma about how to propose him for putting an end to their fake relationship drama.

On the other hand, Rohit is also struggling to tell her about his feelings. Sonakshi tried to start the conversation and says last night when Rohit gives his hand on her and says, thank you for whatever you did last night because I can’t imagine anybody else can do so much for me. Sonakshi says I can do this much for your love I mean for your and Raima’s relationship. They both are not getting how to start the conversation when Rohit asks her how her day was at shoot? Sonakshi says she has 3 scenes today she got an early packup.

Rohit also shared that he has two surgeries and OPD was also full so it was a tiring day for him. Sonakshi says that she has something important to tell him when Rohit says he also has something to tell her. Sonakshi ask him to go ahead when he asks her to initiate her conversation first. They both start to ask each other and is not able to decide who will initiate hence Rohit comes up with an idea to have a toss over this. He asked Sonakshi if it was till then I will say first or if it was head then you will go ahead first. His spin the coin in the air but didn’t understand where it falls. He says to Sonakshi to start the conversation as it is the universal rule of ‘ladies first’.

Sonakshi with much struggle in her mind finally said to him that she wants to put an end to their fake relationship drama as it is getting very difficult for her. She tries to cover it up by saying that your family is getting very serious about me and I am not liking to lie to them again and again so you should inform Veena aunty about our breakup. Rohit gets disappointed and heartbroken to hear this and he is finding heart to get words in his mouth. He is controlling his tears as really doesn’t want to let go of her but he is not even finding words in his mouth to tell her that he loves her.

Sonakshi says you will tell your mother right that we have broken up and Rohit says yes. She asked him what he was trying to tell her. He said that he wants to tell her the same thing. Sonakshi gets a little bit disappointed but then she handles herself and bids him goodbye. Rohit is a little bit upset and Sonakshi also feels broken. She left the cabin and Rohit lost in his thoughts.

Ajit comes inside the cabin of Rohit, he says I just got Sonakshi leaving the hospital premises and she was looking upset did anything happen? Did you tell her something? Rohit says I want to tell her my feelings but before that she confessed whatever is on her mind and shakes hands with me and left. Ajit said she told you to break up and you also agreed? Mom informed me in the morning that you say to her that you want to move ahead with your relationship.

Rohit says I can’t force my feelings on her and you know that these are not the areas of expertise. Even before also Raima proposed me first and then I did. ajith get frustrated with him and says you are elder to me that I could I can’t even call you stupid. He says in which era are you living? If you keep on behaving like this then one day she will get married not to you but someone else. Then you will appear as a guest in her wedding Rohit gets an imagination of him attending Sonakshi’s wedding and get worried.

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Ajit says after that you will be invited to her baby shower, after some years in the birthday party of her kid and she will address you as Rohit uncle. Then after 30 to 40 years one day you will die and she will come to attend your funeral and will say doctor surgeon used to be a nice person but alas he died single. Rohit gets all the imagination in his mind and gets really worried. Ajith says if you go on like this, it will happen eventually.

Rohit calls his brother nonsense and is about to hit him when he saw the coin is flipped for toss is lying on the floor and it was tail. As per the condition it was his turn to tell his feelings first. He gets excited and leave the cabin to meet Sonakshi. He keeps on trying Sonakshi on the phone and her phone was continuously busy. He freaks out and says whom she is talking too much? Ravi spots the car of Sonakshi and halts.

Rohit goes to Sonakshi and asks to cut the call with her friend as he has something really important to tell her. Sonakshi does as per his saying and he brings her out of the car. He says just to talk to you I almost came here with my car at 150 km per hour speed. You can imagine then how important it is for me to tell you about my feelings. he said that you are my friend actually not friend but special friend insert more than special, affectionate friend.

Rohit’s driver Ravi gets frustrated with his failed attempts of proposal and looks at Shankar hopelessly who is equally confused. Sonakshi tells him that she doesn’t only likes him in that way of liking and asks him to look into her eyes and guess what it depicts. Rohits keeps his hand on her cheeks and she closes her eyes in bliss.

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