Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 24th June 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi and Rohit’s past gets revealed!

Todays’ episode opens with Parvati doing scene in living room. Sumit as Kunal makes Sonakshi uncomfortable while performing the scene. Sona ask Sumit to back-off. She says it will not go fine if he comes inch closer to her. Sumit murmurs in Sona’s ear and says she has done much stubbornness now he will show her. He starts getting closer to her.

Sona yells at Sumit and hit him. Sumit says is she mad. Sona says you were trying to touch inappropriately for the scene sake. Sumit says that was scene demand and he was performing. He says he want to bring originality in the scene for the audiences to connect. Sona gets pissed-off and slaps her. Netra comes in between and ask Sumit to go in Vanity. Sumit says to Netra that he wants apology from Sona else he will call press conference. Netra takes away Sonakshi with her.

At hospital Rohit sees his OT and gets happy. Rohit recalls a flashback of his first surgery and gets teary. Someone slaps him at OT and the girl says never show your face again. Staffs congratulate Rohit and ask him if he is ok. Rohit leaves.

Sona cries loudly. Netra ask her to go home.  Sonakshi says if Sumit had not brought her past in between then she would have not reacted like that. Netra supports Sona and ask her to go home. She says she will handle Sumit and advices her switch off her phone and avoid media. Sonakshi goes. Netra feels bad for Sona and pray to the God for her good will.

Rohit recalls his past. He looks his hand and misses his watch. He dials someone’s number but call couldn’t connect. Nurse comes and returns his watch. Rohit wears it and gets sad.

Sona and Rohit both recall their past song plays in the background. Sona driver tries to cheer her up. She asks him to give her car keys and go back home. Sona sits under a tree and cries. She talks to the audiences everyone has a past and she too can deal with a person like Sumit. But the way Sumit presented her past with cheapness in front of all was wrong. She wipes her tears and talks positive. Sona says she will again enter in her life and will fix her broken heart. She hears someone is calling for help and follows the voice.

Rohit is hanging on the railing. Sona gets shocked seeing him. She asks Rohit what he is doing there. Rohit sarcastically says he is doing picnic. He asks for the help. Dog barks. Rohit says Dog is hanging with him. Sona gets worried for the Dog and asks for the help. Some people come for their rescue. (-EPISODE ENDS)

Precape: Sonakshi ask is he ok. Rohit replies yes to her but Sona caresses the Dog, Rohit looks on. He asks for the lift from her. They sees checking going on. Sona tells Rohit she is not carrying license, Rohit says now police will put you behind the bars.