Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 24th October 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi and Rohit celebrates their engagement on KPK set

Episode begins with Sonakshi is standing in her house worried and confused. Rohit comes from behind and asks why are you so much tensed? He said jokingly that you are such a big start that you have got a personal stalker. Sonakshi Sinha don’t crack jokes now, I am not in the mood.

Rohit says I am not cracking jokes. he says imagine someone somewhere in the world is trying to write your name on his chest like Shah Rukh Khan of Darr. Sonakshi says why are you bothering me ? why are you saying these things? Rohit says even though I had a stalker during my college days, the stalker was a woman. She used to follow me everywhere from my class to canteen that I got fed up of her and I just told my grandmother about it. He says do you who this stalker is? Veena Sippy. She used to follow Me everywhere, where I am going ?when I will return? What I am having in food ? everything she is to enquire about that I started to feel that why the hell I am going out? Sonakshi says she is a mother and a love of a mother is like this and that is understandable.

He said you also understand Sonakshi that this person must be in love with you but he doesn’t know where his limit is? See one thing is final, no one can love you more than me. Hi can be obsessed with you but I am also crazy in love with you. By the way, I will never let anybody else touch my sona. from tomorrow onwards there will be security guard always with you 24/7. She is still not fully convinced and relaxed. Rohit ask what happened now she says I am just tensed about someone comes between us. Rohit takes her in a hug and says no one can come between and no one can separate us except Madhuri Dixit and Sonakshi finally smiles and both of them again gets into a hug.

In the morning, so many media and press people gathered in front of Sippy Mansion. They have started to say baseless things about last night’s incident. Narendra noticed all days from his room and says my house has become a circus, I just hope YK prepared those papers as soon as possible as I have to cancel this marriage anyhow. Rohit is trying to go out of the house in car and he is shocked to see so many media people do covered it.

He asks his driver to drive carefully so that they can go out from this situation. Sonakshi on the other side, gets so much worried and change to see the media coverage over the whole incident. She says to Suman Rohit and his family is not habit waited with such kind of scandals. She gets a call from Rohit and says that she is aware about all the things happening and she is very sorry for it. She keeps on talking and talking and panicking, Rohit gets silent and let her talk when suddenly she says why are you not saying anything ? Are you angry with me? Rohit says thank God you realised that I am silent form long. He says you don’t need to worry and security guard will come to keep an eye on you from today.

She says I am going to my show set so send him there. Sonakshi is in her set when accrue member informed her there is a security guard waiting for her. Before she could say anything Sonakshi Sinha ok ask him to wait because Rohit has sent him for me. She doesn’t even see the security guard and went to her set when she realise everybody is looking at her with widened eyes. She turns and shocked to see that it is Rohit who is standing in a getup of a security guard. Rohit says I have a science to other doctors in the hospital to take care of my work and I have to be here to keep an eye on my would be wife. Sonakshi is touched and embarrassed as well. Netra mam comes and says we don’t even get to see such love even in the films. The celebrated the engagement of both of them with a cake on the set. Rohit and Sonakshi cuts the cake together and they have a happy time while Mahesh is having an eye on them.

Police officer comes share and says we have done with the interrogation in your house, now we have to do a round of integration in the show set as well. Netra mam says to them do your work for sure but please allow us at least 20 minutes till we announce our lunch break. Rohit and Sonakshi are in the vanity room of Sona and they are talking to each other about everything that is happening around. Later on the police officer informed Rohit and Sonakshi that they have found the ring and it was discovered from none other than the driver of Rohit, Ravi. Rohit and Sonakshi both denies to believe it but after a phone call with the commissioner Rohit was convinced about Ravi being guilty. Rohit slaps Ravi and Sonakshi I always treat him as a family member of mine but he has done such a thing with me? He angrily asked the police officers to take him away. Mahesh watches all this from a distance and thinks his plan worked.

Precap – Rohit notices Mahesh is following Sonakshi everywhere and he finds it odd.