Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26th August 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi agrees to help Rohit!

Today’s episode begins with Rohit looking out for Sonakshi. Yk sees Rohit and ask him what he is doing at Kewalrawani’s house. Rohit says he will let him know later and ask him not to tell anyone. YK too asks Rohit not to let anyone know that he has went out.

Venna catches Sonakshi amid the function and ask her did Rohit tell her anything. Sonakshi says she wants to tell her some truth. A man comes, interrupts them, and asks Sonakshi to come for the photo session.

Sonakshi clicks photos with guests and sees Rohit. Rohit stands far and Sonakshi dreams of Rohit coming and hugging her (Naina Tu Pata Hai song plays in the back ground). Sonakshi avoids Rohit and Rohit chases her.

Teejri function begins at Kewalranwani’s house.

Rohit comes to Sonakshi and ask her to say yes for the Teejri dinner at his house. He mistakenly falls down a plate and Sona asks him to pick up the plate. Sona replaces her with some other girl next to Rohit. Rohit asks to other girl thinking Sonakshi to become his girlfriend. Girl says yes and later Rohit tells to the girl that he loves a boy.

Rohit goes to YK and ask him to become his gay partner in front of the others. Sonakshi laughs from far and runs from Rohit.

Rohit follows Sonakshi to the ladies washroom. Sonakshi ask Rohit what he is doing in the ladies bathroom. Rohit says he didn’t know and came behind her. Sonakshi says to Rohit that she will not support him in his stupid plan.

Rohit and Sonakshi hear footsteps of two ladies. Sonakshi worries and says if someone will spot her with him than she will stuck in scandal. Rohit says that if she would have said yes than he wouldn’t have come inside. Sonakshi drags Rohit inside the washroom and hides.

Ladies talk about Sonakshi and Rohit. Sonakshi keeps her hand at Rohit’s mouth. Rohit threatens Sona and ask her to say yes else he will shout and it will lead to a scandal. Sonakshi agrees to Rohit and says she will come for the dinner.

Ladies goes and Sonakshi drags Rohit out from the washroom and ask him to leave. Venna sees Rohit and Sonakshi together and thinks they look cute together.

Rohit says thank you to Sonakshi for helping him. He says it’s just a matter of month. Sonakshi ask Rohit to wrap his drama in just few days. She puts forth three conditions in return of helping Rohit. Rohit agrees to follow whatever she will say and hugs her for helping him.

Sonakshi narrates that she is just helping Rohit for Venna’s sake, who believes that she can bring love back in Rohit’s life. She further says she meant friend’s love and goes.

Pari and Rohan coincidentally meet each other at the coffee show. The duo talks with each other.

Sonakshi comes back home and tells to Suman that the event was good. She further tells to Suman that she has to go for the dinner at Sippy’s house. Suman ask Sonakshi why she agreed. Sona tells her that Venna insisted her and she couldn’t say no to her.

Suman gets irk and thinks of a plan to throw Sippy’s from Sonakshi and Pari’s life. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sonakshi reaches at Sippy house. Rohit’s grandma asks Rohit and Sonakshi do they love each other or not. Rohit and Sonakshi say yes. Venna ask Sonakshi to join them for the Teejri ritual. Sonakshi looks at Rohit blankly.