Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26th July 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi doubts on Sumit

Todays’ episode opens with Sonakshi brining tea for Pari. Pari ignores her. Sona apologizes to Pari. Pari says to Sona that she can understand her worry for Pooja but can’t tolerate that she is ignoring her happiness for her.

Sonakshi says to Pooja that she is happy and will read the articles of her. Sona cheers her up. Pari and Sonakshi patch up.

Sona tells to Pari that on her first day shoot she will drop her to the location. Pari gets excited.

Nishi gets a call from YK’s mother. YK’s mother taunts her. Nishi hangs up the call.

Ajit comes with the Pooja and tells to everyone that she got advertisement shoot from some brand. He asks Pooja to continue. Pooja tells the news to everyone. Sippy’s clap for her. Rohit says he will drop her today for her first shoot.

Dipa comes and asks Akash what’s going on. Akash tells her about Pooja’s first ad shoot. He says they are planning to do party for her at his restaurant. Ajit says not at his restaurant, as he will serve the repeated dish. Sippy’s discusses about the party.

Nishi says to YK that yesterday talk is still pending. YK recalls the past.

Sonakshi drops Pari. Rohit’s car spreads dirt on Sonakshi’s face. Shankar yells at the driver. Rohit asks Ravi to drive properly. He says take out the umbrella, as he will go to apologize with the person.

Sonakshi and Rohit see to each other. Rohit says he was about to say sorry but now it thinks it was good whatever happened. He says to Sonakshi that she is like a black cat and whenever his family goes to do something good she crosses their way. Rohit lectures to Sonakshi. Sonakshi gives a befitted reply to Rohit and goes away.

Pari asks the director why she will leave. Director tells her that they have decided to shoot the ad with Pooja so she can leave. Pari gets shocked. Rohit and Pooja come. Pari sees them.

Pooja gives Pari glass of water and ask her do she will not throw it on her today. Pooja accuses Sonakshi again. Pari tells her that Sonakshi hasn’t done anything with her. Rohit looks at her.

Nishi yells at Yk and asks him why he didn’t attended Pooja’s event last night. The duo argues with each other. Furious YK says Pooja is not his daughter and goes. Nishi stands shocked.

Sonakshi recalls Pooja’s incident and gets scared. She doubts and says among Sumit and Karan one is responsible for all the mess. Sonakshi calls Amrita to meet her.

Rohit comes to his cabin and sees Dipa. Dipa gives some paper to Rohit and ask him to sign them. Nurse comes and informs Rohit about his appointments. Rohit asks Simmi to send Preeti a chocolates and stuffed toys to her, as it is her first day of school after surgery.

Sonakshi discusses with Amrita about the incident. She tells her that she has a doubt on Sumit, as she had a fight with him in the past. Amrita supports Sumit.

Amrita goes to meet Sumit. Sonakshi looks at them. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Pari gives notice to Suman. Sonakshi gets shocked seeing the claim of 15 crores. She calls Rohit. Rohit asks Sona to meet at the court.