Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26th June 2019 Written Update: Sumit apologizes to Sonakshi!

Episode today opens with Rohit coming back home. He looks at his clothes and says disgusting. He thinks if his mother will see then. He changes his clothes. He sees his watch and says this is not his watch as he spots tag there. Rohit goes to Venna and lies to her that he forgot his watch in the hospital, Simmi gave him back. He says thank you to her and hugs her. Naren interrupts them and Rohit goes away.

Naren ask to Venna for purchasing small things she thinks twice but why she purchased such an expensive watch for him. Vinni explains him the value of the watch in Rohit’s life.

Rohit recalls the flashback seeing his watch. He removes it and says he lost the last memory of his.

Sona calls Netra and asks her she didn’t yet received the script, is the shoot canceled?

Netra goes to meet Sumit. Sumit says he just want Sona to apologize him.

Netra gets angry on Sumit and says Sona can drag you to the court for sexually harassing her. She says camera was on and they have recording of his deeds. She yells at Sumit and ask him to come on the set in the morning with a polite attitude. She also asks Sumit to apologize with Sonakshi.

Sona comes to the set. Netra compliments Sona. Sumit apologizes to Sonakshi. He bends down to touch her feet. Sona stops him. He gifts a present to Sonakshi. Sumit ask Sona to open the gift. Everyone gets shocked seeing expensive watch. Sona says she can’t take such an expensive gift. Netra asks her to keep the watch. Sona takes permission to go for the inauguration.

At Rohit’s house everyone discusses how the actress got ready to do the inauguration in low budget. Everyone says but who will inform Rohit that Sonakshi Rastogi is going to come for the inauguration. Everyone insists Vinni to tell Rohit. Vinni tells Rohit.

Rohit gets angry and says TV actress don’t know anything about medical how she can come for inaugurate. Nurse calls Rohit for the operation.

Rohit argues YK over TV actress inaugurating his dream project. Someone informs Rohit that actress arrived. Rohit talks with YK Sona overhear his talk. Sonakshi says she wants to meet the person who keeps such a perception for the actresses. She asks the staffs to call the organizer. Rohit’s brother comes and says he is the organizer. Sona says she can’t do the event she is going.

Rohit’s brother stops her. Suman calls and asks Sona did she reached or not? Sona says she reached for the event on time and tells her whatever she hears Rohit saying about her. Suman makes her understand to deal with the situation. Sona gets ready to do the inauguration. Sona goes to get ready for the event. (Episode Ends)

Precape: Sonakshi tells Rohit that in his hospital there is one doctor who is arrogant. Rohit chokes Sonakshi’s throat. Rohit stops Sona from meeting Preeti.