Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26th September 2019 written update: Rohit and Sonakshi spent some nice moments with each other

The episode begins with Sonakshi is in the car and thinking about the proposal of Rohit. Rohit is also in his car and smilingly thinking about Sonakshi. Both of them are lost in each other’s thoughts. They are behaving like chirpy, happy and lost and the staff of the hospital and shoot is giggling to see them.

In the therapy center, Tanushri is thinking about the date and thinks about the date. The doctor says she wrote the date after meeting Sonakshi so maybe she knows something about the accident. Tanushree gives a call to Sonakshi to thank her for coming as the state of Mamai is much improved now.

Sonakshi suggested her to transfer Raima in a better hospital as she knows someone who is a good surgeon and all the latest technologies are available in his Hospital. Tanushri asked about whom you are talking, Sonakshi says that his friend Dr.Rohit Sippy who is the owner of Sukhmani Sippy Hospital is a very good heart surgeon and he can help in making Raima completely fine.

Tanushree cuts the call and says after today Sonakshi will not meet Mamai anymore. Tanushree reminds of the incident that took place four years ago on the date of 26th Sept.

Netra mam comes at Sonakshi’s room and says that Rohit finally proposed you. Sonakshi saves yes and Netra mam hugs her out of happiness. All the people in the Sippy Mansion is planning for the birthday party of Veena. Veena is reluctant to celebrate her birthday because the date falls on 26 September and this date caused a lot of tragedies in Rohit life.

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Rohit himself comes and says I know due to me you have sacrificed your birthdays for the last 4 years but now I am happy so we will celebrate it in a grand way. Veena says I don’t want any grand celebration but I want to spend some time with my family and the person responsible for this happiness in my house. So only Rastogi family and Sippy family will be present for the dinner.

Rohit says I will be meeting Sonakshi today and I will inform her about the same. Sonakshi is coming out of her shooting spot after completing her day of work. She spots Rohit there and says what are you doing here? Rohit untie her hair and says if my entry is banned in the set? Sonakshi says no and then she finally smiles while Rohit asks Shankar to go back home as he will drop Sonakshi. He asks her to get in his car. Rohit and Sonakshi are in a park and he says finally none of your fans will trouble us for selfies.

Ravi comes with tea and says this one is for madam. Rohit shares the past story of 26th September with Sonakshi and says the last talk between me and Raima is an argument. Sonakshi is about to say about her side of the story to him but he says that he doesn’t want to talk about the past events now and going to look for a bright future with her. Both of them share some nice moments when Rohit inform Sonakshi about the birthday party of Veena.

Sonakshi is trying to initiate talks with women regarding her relation with Rohit. Suman advised Sonakshi not to hurry up and says that she is ok with her relationship. Sonakshi informs the same to Rohit but with a twist. She gives him a crazy idea to impress her mother just to tease him. On the other side, Raima revived from coma completely.

Precap: Rohit plans surprise engagement, Raima is coming to Sippy Mansion.