Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27th June 2019 Written Update: Sonaskhi complains about Rohit to Rohit himself!

Todays’ episode opens with YK speaking someone on call and informs Rohit that TV actress got ready to inaugurate the new wing. Rohit says is she has done any favor on them. YK says she heard everything you said about her but Ajit anyhow managed to stop her. Rohit argues with YK. YK asks him to come for the inauguration.

Ajit brings Sona to the room and gives her the file to read. Sona asks she wants this event to get over fast. She also asks Ajit to ask that doctor who was speaking ill about her to stay away from the event. Ajit looks at her shockingly. Sona gets ready.

Rohit says he is not going for the event. Ajit gets happy. Later, Rohit gets agree to join the event. Ajit says fine he can stand behind and see the function. Rohit says he is the owner of the hospital and will stand right at front of her. YK and Ajit looks at each other.

Ajit ask YK to do something to stop him from attending the event. YK says they don’t have to worry as neither Rohit has seen Sonakshi nor Sonakshi saw Rohit. They both get happy.

Event gets started. Pinki praises Venna. Venna asks Ajit whether Rohit agreed to come or not. YK welcomes Rohit. He greets everyone. Rohit’s grandmother asks Rohit to go and call chief guest, as it’s his event. Naren interrupts and asks Rohit to go and receive the chief guest. Rohit gets irked and goes to welcome Sona.

Venna says to Naren that you and Rohit talks only twice a year but Rohit never disobeys him. Ajit discusses with YK that today’s event TRP will be high.

Sona looks her makeup and sees a pimple. She says to her hair stylist that she got pimple because of that doctor. Rohit knocks the door and says Parvati is here to inaugurate the wing. Sona looks at Rohit.

Rohit taunts Sona. Sona asks Rohit that do he works in this hospital. Rohit says he the owner of the hospital and ask her to come along.

Nishi informs that reporters are getting irritated because of the delay. She ask why Rohit is taking time to come with Sona. Naren asks YK to go and check. YK looks at Ajit.

Yk sees Rohit coming with Sona. Sona says to Rohit that in his hospital there is a rude doctor working. She tells him that that doctor was judging her without even knowing about her. Rohit self-talks and says he knows her well. Sona asks Rohit to take an action against that doctor.

Rohit chokes Sonakshi’s throat. It was his dream. Sona asks where he is lost. Ajit interrupts and ask lets go. Rohit asks YK in whole city he found only this actress.

Sona comes for the event. Everyone meets Sonakshi. She lights the candle and opens up the ceremony. Sona goes on the stage to speak something. Rohit says if she will speak his hospital will sink. Rohit day dreams and sees he is acting as a doctor in Parvati’s show. Rohit came back to senses.

Sonakshi gives a good speech. Her speech impresses Rohit. Everyone claps for Sona. (Episode Ends)

Precape: Sonakshi gets to know that it was Rohit who was insulting the actresses. Venna comes and asks Rohit to bring Sonakshi like gentlemen. Rohit gets irked.