Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27th September 2019 written update: Rohit plans for a surprise engagement with Sonakshi

The episode begins with Tanushree noticed Raima is standing near the window. She gets overwhelmed when Raima calls her mom after a long time. She hugs Raima but she is about to fall when the nurse comes and get her settled on the bed. She asked about Rohit and says does he know I am here? Why I am here and from when? Tanushree says you are in a coma state for 4 years and today only you recovered.

Raima says why don’t you are letting me meet Rohit? He comes that day to me, I saw him in this hospital. Tanushree gets shocked that Rohit was here but then she realizes he must be here to meet Sonakshi. She tries to make Raima understands and that 4 years is a long time and many things changed meanwhile. She asked Raima what happened 4 years ago and she gets some flashes and starts breathing heavily.

Rohan is sitting and thinking about the contract and household people version about it. His friend suggested that there is no point in getting attached to Pari at the cost of Tanya and his family. Pari calls Rohan to know about the shoot but he talks to her rudely.

In the morning Rohit comes to Sonakshi house in a colorful attire and Sonakshi giggles to see him like that. She asks Munia to call Suman and tells Rohit to wait there. Suman comes and Rohit starts to do exactly what Sonakshi asks him to do.

Suman is finding him behaving odd thinking why he is doing all this? She suddenly says that I need to go to the kitchen to have some coffee and Rohit runs behind her to stop him as she told him that going in the kitchen means Suman is angry. Rohit runs behind Suman and says that I will not let you enter the kitchen because I want to impress you.

Suman says how do you think that by not letting me enter in my kitchen can actually impress me? You are a doctor right then first get a certificate from another doctor that you are mentally stable, and not on drugs after that I will think about your and Sonakshi’s alliance. Suddenly Suman noticed that Sonakshi is smiling in a corner with Pulkit and she guessed that Sona played a prank on Rohit. Sonakshi is laughing hard and Rohit also understands the matter now.

Suman finally settled with Rohit on the sofa and says keeping the jokes aside I just wanted to know if your family is fully ready for this alliance or not? Rohit says my mum is always ready and if she can she will get us married the next day.

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Suman says that my daughter will work after marriage as well. Rohit in our house has a problem with a working woman. Suman finally agrees and hugs Rohit and asks Sonakshi to see him off.
Rohit tells Sonakshi outside that he will take revenge for this and says to Pulkit to arrive on time.

Pulkit comes to Sukhmani Sippy hospital and Rohit seeks his help to choose an engagement ring for Sonakshi. Pulkit says that you informed us that today is your mom’s birthday but you are here planning for engagement. Rohit says this surprise is from my side as I want to make it official and your sister filled my and my family life with happiness and Pulkit gets happy.

Raima wants to go to Sippy Mansion but her mother doesn’t let her. She noticed the taxi and get down from the ambulance without anybody knowing her. She asks the driver to take her to Malabar hills, Sippy Mansion and thinks I am coming to Rohit.

Precap: Rohit is about to make Sonakshi wear the ring when he sees Raima in the mirror and gets shocked.