Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 28th February 2020 Written Update: Rohit threatens Nishi

Today’s episode starts with Suman worrying for Sonakshi. She says thinking she won’t be alive thus Sonakshi might have took the wrong decision. Rohit worries for Sonakshi. Doctor tells to Rohit that Sonakshi didn’t boarded the bus instead went somewhere in the car. Meanwhile, Ajit calls Rohit and tells to him that Nishi is behind missing Sonakshi.

Here, Pari calls Rohan to gain sympathy from him. Rohan visits Pari. Rohan asks Ajit to do something but don’t let Nishi go out from the house. There, Rohan cries and hugs Pari pouring his heart out to her. Pari asks Rohan to relax. She worries for sonakshi.

Other side, Rohan looks for a clue against Nishi at her cabin. He finds Sonakshi’s blood reports that read she is not suffering from Super Virus. He gets happy. Later, Rohit thinks Nishi is behind missing Sonakshi. He informs Tulsi and says he will bring back Sonakshi at any cost.

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At house, Veena and Nishi shortlist girl for Rohit. Rohit comes back home. Veena asks Rohit to see the photos and gets angry at him when he refuses to remarry. Rohit asks Nishi to come with him as he wants to talk with her.

Rohit confronts Nishi. He asks Nishi about Sonakshi. Nishi says she don’t know where Sonakshi is. Rohit chokes Nishi’s throat and threatens her and says if anything will happen to Sonakshi he will kill her and will expose her. Nishi thinks if she not behind missing Sonakshi than who kidnapped her.

Further, Rohit informs Suman and Sumit that Sonakshi is not suffering from any Super Virus. Suman worries for Sonakshi. Inspector informs that they got the car but Sonakshi and driver both are missing. Suman gets restless. Episode ends with Suman accusing Rohit for destroying Sonakshi’s life after Rohit says he will bring back Sonakshi. She curses Rohit and Sumit tells to her that Rohit destroyed himself for Sonakshi.

Precap: Rohit reaches the hospital without mask.