Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 2nd July 2019 Written Update: Rohit and Sonakshi’s non-stop fight!


Today’s episode opens with Suman shouting and asking about Sona. She says Sona called Pulkit and because of one doctor Sona decided to stay at the hospital. She says she is not at home nor here so where is she? Suman says Sona is missing. Rohit says she is missing. Suman says yes. She again yells and says she doubt that the corrupt doctor has done anything wrong with her. Suman creates lots of drama at the hospital.

Naren asks to check CCTV footage. Suman asks Police to file a complaint. Poilce makes her understand that they can’t file complaint before 24hrs. Yk, Rohit and everyone goes to check CCTV. They all check the footage. Rohit sees Sona stepping out from the hospital at night. He says but why she has switched off her mobile.

Nurse informs that Sonakshi came back. Pulkit and Suman hug her. Rohit says great family reunion. He asks her where she was missing whole night. Pulkit explains everything to Sona. Sona lies to everyone and says she wasn’t feeling comfortable sleeping on sofa so she went out. Rohit asks to Neha and says he has asked to take care of Sona. Sona interrupts and tells why she went out.

Sonakshi recalls whatever happened last night. She walks on the road. She bumps into the auto-rickshaw driver who dropped her home. He welcomes Sona and gives her the food to eat. Rohit again interrupts and taunts did she was eating burji whole night. Everyone looks at him. Suman says the driver took you to his home and you went. Sona tells her that last night she realizes the person who stays at small home keeps a big heart in comparison to the ones who stay in big house. She tells she was talking with them whole night.

Rohit says but his family had sleepless night. They all were awake and was searching for her. Sonakshi apologizes to them for being late.

Rohit gets into a heated argument with Sonakshi. He says because of her he face lots of trouble. He tells her that her mother accused him for being an alcoholic. Sonakshi calmly asks the permission to meet Preeti and leave the place.

Preeti hugs Sona and ask did she wait whole night to meet her. Rohit enters and says no she was busy whole night. He tells Preeti that her sis was doing adventure whole night and went to meet her fans. Preeti defends Sona.

Later, Preeti tells Rohit that how Paravati asks her to Kiss and Hug him before operation. Preeti says to Sonakshi that she didn’t got a chance to kiss the doctor but now she is here than she can give a kiss to Rohit by herself. Her mother interrupts and apologizes to Sona. Preeti asks Sona and Rohit to give her a kiss. Both give a Kiss to Preeti and she gets happy.

Pulkit stops Rohit and says can he talk to him for minute. Rohit says yes. Pulkit says he is his role model and tells he too is doing internship from a different hospital. He praises Sonakshi. Sonakshi comes and he left. Rohit turns back and asks Pulkit to stop. He sees his watch in Pulkit’s hand.

Rohit touches his watch and says this watch belongs to him. Sonakshi says this watch she has given to him. Rohit says it’s his watch. Sonakshi says is he calling her thief. Rohit says this watch belongs to him and asks Pulkit to remove it. Suman says we are also rich and can purchase expensive watch.

Rohit keeps saying it’s his watch. Rohan and YK take Rohit away. Sonakshi talks to the audience and says what Rohit thinks about himself. She says does he think they are thief. Sona tells Sumit has gifted her that watch. On the set Sonakshi hears the talk about herself and yells at the ladies.  (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit comes at Sonakshi’s house and shows her the breaking news. He faints at her doorstep. Pulkit and Sona bring him inside, meanwhile media knocks at Sonakshi’s door. Sonakshi gets tensed.

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