Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 30th January 2020 Written Update: Sonakshi learns a shocking truth about Naren’s suicide attempt!

Today’s episode starts with inspector shows to Sonakshi the clip of Naren where someone was pushing him from the balcony. Sonakshi sits stuneed.

Few hours before; Sonakshi holds Rohti’s hand and says her guess was right he is having high fever. Rohit asks Sona to leave his hand. Sonakshi then clicks an idea of giving Veena a reason to talk with Rohit. She while talking to Vimmi says Rohit is having high fever and asks her to give medicines as she is busy today. Venna tricks Rohit and makes him have medicine. Sonakshi and Vimmi get happy their plan worked.

Here, Suman asks Pari to get ready fast. Groom’s family waits for Pari and Pari comes. Boy asks Suman that he wants to take Pari on a date and Suman agrees.

At hospital, Veena’s friend does back bitching and Rohit over hears them and talks rudely with them. Veena gets teary hearing them. Meanwhile, Nishi instigate Rohit against Sonakshi. Netra invites Rohit for the auction. Rohit decides to pay his visit at the party.

Other side, party starts and Sonakshi gives the speech. Netra and Sumit praise Sonakshi. Reporters asks question why none came from her family for such a big function. Sonakshi tells about Naren but Rohit interrupts and says he is here to support Parvarti. Sonakshi gets shocked seeing Rohit.

Later, bidding starts and Rohit participates in the auction much to Sonakshi’s surprise. He purchase Parvati’s bridal attire and announces in front of all that we all want to see Sonakshi as Parvarti.

Meanwhile, inspector shows to Sonakshi the clip of Naren falling and tells her that someone who is left hander has pushed Naren from the balcony. He says the culprit is from the Sippy family only. Sonakshi stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Inspector tells to Sonakshi that someone has fake her signature on the prenup papers and says her sign is made from left hand too.