Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 30th September 2019 written update: Rohit and Sonakshi spent some romantic moments

The episode begins with Sonakshi is asking Rohit to give her ideas for gifting something to Veena. Rohit says there is no need to give anything you just come over here with your family and my mother will be happy. Sonakshi insists that it doesn’t look nice to come over empty-handed at least something she should carry with herself. Rohit gets a naughty idea when he hears noise from the kitchen. He asks Sonakshi to give his mother a rice cooker.

Sonakshi freaks out with the name of the rice cooker, Rohit says even though I am about to give my mother dinner set because she is more into household chores. Sonakshi says are you kidding me? Rohit drags Puja in the phone call and asks her to pretend just to convince Sonakshi. Pooja says why are you leg-pulling Sonakshi for no reason poor girl. Rohit says you have no idea what prank she played on me so this is my turn.

Later on, Rohit is in his room and checks the ring he ordered for Sonakshi and says that this 26 September will be very special for both of us. There will be a new 26 September for both of us.

Sonakshi gets ready in her room and she gets happy that after 4 years everything is changed and then she thinks that she shouldn’t boast over this much. Suddenly she gets noise from the hall as Pari is still not ready to go out. Sonakshi comes and gives her peace of mind. Raima is on her way to Sippy Mansion, but the car tyre got punctured in the midway. Someone gives a lift to Raima and she immediately gets in the other car.

The Sippy family welcomes the Rastogi family in their house. Puja compliments Sonakshi for looking good and everyone is greeting each other. Sonakshi is looking for Rohit when it comes to her and shows her Rohit is coming out from the lift.

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Sonakshi looks at him with so much love when Rohit says don’t stare at me like this I know I am looking hot and handsome. He compliments her as well for looking hot, Sonakshi asks for Akash when Deepa says he is looking after the different dinner arrangement alone so he will take some time.
Pooja says the starters are being served so you should go for it now. Rohit holds Sonakshi and asks her to come along.

Suman is looking here and there at Sippy mansion when Sulochana comes and taunts her for not able to think that her daughter can get married to such a status full family. Suman says my daughter is a celebrity and star herself so the beau has to be from the same status. She says the most loved daughter in law of the nation is going to be the real daughter in law of Sippy family. Naren comes there and heard the conversation from the middle.

Veena gets a beautiful gift from her husband when Rohit insists her to open the gift of Sonakshi as well. Veena open set and Rohit thinks he can make fun of Sonakshi now but Sonakshi outsmarts him and gives Veena a gold idol of Jhulelaal. Veena gets really touched and happy.

Sonakshi, later on, tells Rohit that if he thinks he can make fun of her then he should keep it in mind that she is not a fool. She says it’s not easy to trap me and is about to go to the family members when Rohit tries to stop her and her dress hook gets broken by him. He immediately covers it with his hand and says it got broken and we have to fix it. He excused himself and Sonakshi from the family and takes her to his room. He brings needle and thread and stitches her hook himself…. He hugs her from the back and takes the ring in his hand to surprise her.

Precap: Rohit asks Sonakshi to leave the house rudely, Sonakshi breaks down and asks her mother to convince Rohit to listen to her once.