Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 31st July Written Update: Suman suffers a cardiac arrest!

Today’s episode opens with Pooja asking Nishi and YK about Sonakshi and Pari.

Nishi ask her to let them go and ask about her shoot. Rohit interrupts and says Pooja should learn the truth. He tells Pooja that he has filed defamation case on Sonakshi and her family.

Suman worries, as how they going to pay 15 crores. Sonakshi and Pari comes back home. Suman ask them what happened. Sona tells her that Sippy’s didn’t back out.

Pooja yells and says she don’t want any case, as this is not good for her. She says if the case will open than media will publish things about her which she can’t handle. Pooja ask Rohit to withdraw the case.

Rohit tries to convince and says he will handle the matter but he will not withdraw the case. He says Rastogi’s need to learn a lesson so that in future they don’t repeat this thing with any other innocent girl. Pooja cries and Rohit consoles her.

Pari yells at Sona and says her idea got flopped, as after telling the truth to Sippy’s they didn’t withdraw the case. Suman says if they will sell everything than also they can’t collect 15 crores. Sonakshi tries to console them.

Sona shares her worry with Netra. Netra supports Sonakshi. Pulkit and Sonakshi talk with each other. The duo recalls their past.

Suman suffers a cardiac arrest thinking how they will manage to pay 15 crores.

Venna comes to meet Rohit. Rohit ask why she is here late at night. Venna tries to make Rohit understand that in anger he is taking a wrong decision. She asks to Rohit to listen to Sonakshi once. Venna ask Rohit to withdraw the case. Rohit says he want to take rest.

Pari and Sonakshi take Suman to the hospital. Pari cries and Sona console her. Pulkit bring water for Pari. Doctor tells Sonakshi that Suman’s heart beat is irregular and not getting enough oxygen. He says they need to consult a senior heart surgeon as Suman’s is in critical state.

Doctor says he will call Mumbai’s best heart surgeon who is his good friend too. He makes a call to Rohit but call couldn’t connect. He calls at reception and the girl says he is sleeping.

Ajit takes the call and Vishal tells him about Suman. He says for Suman Rastogi he won’t go. Vishal tells Sonakshi about Rohit. Sona tells to doctor that Rohit will not come for her family and ask him to call some other sugeon.

A lady came and recognizes Parvati. She asks Sonakshi to pose for the selfie. Sona says her mother is serious. Lady says selfie will take just one minutes. Sona refuses to click the picture.

Lady says vents out at Sona and says how arrogant she and goes.

Sonakshi talks with the audience and says is this is called arrogance? She cries and says her mother is in hospital but people just recognize her as Parvati and forgets that she is Sonakshi.

Sonakshi and Pari go to meet Suman and ask her not to worry and take rest. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit comes to check Suman. Sonakshi says he will not touch her mother. Nurse asks Sonakshi to sign on the paper that states she is allowing Rohit to do angiography. Pari ask Sonakshi not to sign.