Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 31st October 2019 Written Update: Rohit and Sonakshi is back together after a small fight

The episode begins with Sonakshi is upset over the fact that Rohit lied to her about the attacker. Pulkit comes to call Sonakshi and Mahesh thinks he is successful in creating a rift between Rohit and Sonakshi. Pari and Pooja compound estate and says that the entire family gives such a beautiful performance. Now it is time for the Rastogi family to take over the stage. Suman and pari come on the stage for their performance and Sonakshi comes and settles in the table. Rohit notices her and comes to talk to her but she ignored him and he is like what happened suddenly? He takes Sonakshi away from that function. Everybody else in the family is enjoying the performance when suddenly the grandmother notices that Sonakshi and Rohit are not present in their table. Rohit takes Sonakshi inside the room and ask what happened? Sonakshi shows him the ring she is wearing and says what is this Rohit? Rohit says this is a friendship band and I give it to you.

Sonakshi says exactly this is friendship band and we promised each other that we will be friends first then how do our relationship started with a lie? Rohit asks what are you saying whatever I did, it was just to protect you and if you can’t understand this simple thing, I can’t explain to you anymore you can think whatever you want? Sonakshi told him the function is for us not only for me and you are roaming around with such a big headache and you never thought ki how will I feel when I get to know about this. Rohit says the thing is not that week what you are making it, you are just overreacting and nothing else. Raima comes there and asks what happened and Sonakshi says ask your friend and leaves from there without talking to him. Raima says to Rohit today is your music family and you are fighting with your fiance? go and pacify her. Rohit says I will not pacify her and she walked out without even talking to me how rude is that. Simon says you two has to perform after some time together and this is what you two will do? fighting on the stage together? Rohit says I didn’t perform with her she did and you are free right? then I will dance with you ok problem solved.

Sonakshi comes out and sits in the table and Rohit also comes and sits with his mother and Sonakshi noticed that. Veena asks Rohit what are you doing here you should be with Sonakshi. Rohit says I want to sit with my mother. Veena ok sit with me and held his hand while Rohit thinks in his mind she made a mountain out of a molehill, such a drama queen.

Raima tries to talk to Sonakshi and Sonakshi says this is not about the attacker but I am worried about Rohit and family. I understand net Rohit’s intention behind lying to me is purely out of the concern and nothing else but think about all this from my point of view. He simply lights to me about the serious matter and I am very much upset. She left from there saying I won’t perform at him let him perform alone.

Sulochana advises Raima to do as Rohit says and perform with him as she will not get a better partner than Rohit. Akhil informs Suman that the media is decided to boycott the functions where Sippy’s family will be present because apparently Mr. Naren Sippy miss behaves with an on-duty media person and media wants an apology from him.

Rohit and Raima is trying to rehearse the steps but they are not getting it. On the other side, the family members of Rohit is finding it weird that the groom is going to perform with someone else in his own music ceremony. Why make Sonakshi understand. YK talks to Sonakshi and makes her understand the thoughts of Rohit and says this small fight shouldn’t spoil their lifetime moment of today.

Rohit is in the room and he is trying to rehearse for the dance performance and asks Rohan to play the music. He tries to dance when she comes and holds his hand. She says to him don’t you want to rehearse with me? even after having your fiance present you are going to perform with someone else in your music ceremony? you still have time you can give it a thought that you want to marry me. Actually, we just had the first find and you give up easily, this is not done. Rohit hugs her and says sorry and also said I will never lie to you ever again in life and that’s a promise. Sonakshi smiles and they patch up together while the family members were happy to see them together. YK calls them for performance while Sulochana again provokes Raima against them and Raima to recollect the moments where Rohit refuses to accept her interference in their matters.

Precap: Sonakshi asks Naren to come with her and she will handle the media people.