Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 4th December 2019 Written Update: Pooja attempts suicide!

Today’s episode starts with Sonakshi calls out for Pooja and shouts loudly seeing her lying on the floor with the slit wrist.

Few hours before; Pooja thinks about Sippy family showing mercy on her by adopting her. She gets disturbed. YK comes and knocks the door and asks Pooja to open it. Pooja breaks the stuffs of her room. Rohit and YK door crashes and enters the room. Pooja ask them not to come closer to her and yells at them. Sonakshi, YK and Rohit stands stunned. YK gets teary.

Sonakshi cries and tells to Rohit how Pooja learned the truth while she was busy on call with Venna. Rohit hugs and supports Sonakshi. In talk with her Rohit tells to Sonakshi that she is not responsible for all the mess when she was accusing herself. Sonakshi ask Rohit if he know the name of the person, Rohit stands stunned and later tells Tapasaya’s name.

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Other side, Suman slaps Pari non-stop for her deed and yells at her saying she tried to ruin Sonakshi’s house. Pulkit interrupts and takes Suman to the room. There, Tapsaya ask her reporter to keep an eye on Sippy mansion.
Here, Rohit gives first-aid to Sonakshi and makes her fall asleep. He kisses and admires Sonakshi. Further, he goes to meet YK and he gets emotional. Rohit console YK.

At midnight, Sonakshi wakes up from the sleep and gets restless thinking about Pooja. She seeks into Pooja’s room and gets shocked seeing Pooja has attempted suicide. She cries out Pooja’s name loudly. YK, Rohit, Rohan, Ajit and other Sippy mates runs to check why Sonakshi is shouting. Naren accuses Sonakshi and push her away. Later, Rohit and Naren decides to cure Pooja at home only rather than taking her to the hospital. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Naren and Rohan accuses Sonakshi.