Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 4th November 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi receives prenuptial agreement!

Today’s episode starts with Suman recalling Sulochan’s word, and gets tensed thinking about Sonakshi’s financial security. Few hours before, Sulochana tells Suman that she has seen marriages getting broken because of money. Here, Sonakshi ask Rohit and Sippy boys about their plan. Rohit ignores and goes to Mahesh and says he got angry when he told Sonakshi the truth about Ravi. He further says but he did it good, as because of him they has a romantic patch up. Afterwards, Sonakshi gets to know about Rohit’s bachelor’s party and tries to confront Rohit but YK and Ajit takes Rohit away. Ahead Rohit, YK, Ajit, Akash and Rohan drinks and waits for the dancers. Ajit welcomes the dancers. In spite of dancers few boys enters the house for the football match.

Later, Sonakshi reads on the mobile and says bachelor’s party can be done with only boys too. She wakes dreaming Rohit dancing with a girl. She calls Rohit but Rohan receives and says they can’t take any call right now. Sonakshi further thinks to teach a lesson to Rohit and thinks to seek Raima’s help. Raima don’t receive Sonakshi’s call. There, Sippy boys drink and dance with the other boys. Pooja tells to Sonaksji that Rohit and others are watching football match. Sonakshi laughs and tells to Pooja that she needs her help to teach Rohit a lesson.

Afterwards, Suman enters the room to talk with Sonakshi. She asks Sonakshi does she know about Rohit’s bank balance. Sona says she is well settled and Rohit too thus they don’t have to worry about money. In the morning Sonakshi’s mehendi ceremony starts. Suman welcomes Netra. Further, Veena, Pooja and the ladies from Sippy family arrives with the mehehndi. Sonakshi comes and Veena praises Sonakshi’s look. Sonakshi ask for Raima and Veena says she was tired last night thus was sleeping. Veena applies Mehendi on Sonakshi’s hand. There, Rohit shouts seeing Mehendi on his hand. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Naren gives pre-nuptial papers to Sonakshi.