Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 5th August 2019 Written Update: Rohit traps Sumit and Karan

Today’s episode opens with Sonakshi asking for pen and paper for writing the dialogue. She asks Rohit to speak insolently and rudely. She writes the dialogue for Rohit.

Rohit calls Karan and Sumit and blackmails them. Sumit and Karan ask Rohit what he wants. Rohit ask them to meet him at midnight with 20 lakhs rupee. Rohit asked about his performance. Sonakshi praises Rohit.

Rohit says to Sona that they are doing whatever she has said and he just hopes they catch the real culprit. Sona says she will come back at 12 after meeting her mother.

Sumit worries and calls Vibha. He further says he didn’t need to worry, as someone is plotting against him.

Rohit ask Dipa and Sonakshi to finish their work and come back soon. Sonakshi wants to say something Rohit interrupts and says they are not going to disguise them and will go in their original look. Dipa says to Rohit that he can read Sonakshi’s thoughts easily.

Rohit and Sonakshi share an eyelock. Dolly yells at Karan for trying to harm Sona at the fashion show. Karan yells back at Dolly.

Dolly asks him he doesn’t have 10,000 how he will arrange 20 lakhs. Karan worries for himself.

Sona comes back to the hospital and ask Pulkit about Suman. Pulkit says she is good. Sonakshi calls pari but couldn’t connect to her. She worries for Pari.

Pari yells at cab driver for taking long route. The driver drops her at the mid of the road and goes away. Pari worries.

Sister asks Sonakshi what happened. Sonakshi ask did they saw Pari. Nurse tells her that she left the hospital 15 mins ago.

Sonakshi calls Madhu and ask about Pari. Madhu says Pari didn’t yet reach home. Sona ask Madhu to inform once pari comes back home. Rohan gives a helping hand to Pari. Pari goes with Rohan.

Sonakshi sleeps thinking she has little time left. Sona thinks of Rohit and smiles. She shares her feeling with the audiences and says she likes Rohit but she is still confused.

At Sippy mansion Vimmi watches Kahani Parvati Ki. Rohit walks in, sits with Vimmi, and watches KPK. Ajit comes from behind and tries to interrupts. Rohit and Vimmi ask him to stop speaking.

Ajit ask Rohit do he started watching Hindi soap. Rohit explains him and says he came here to call Vimmi and just sit here as the show was going on. He asks Vimmi not to watch Hindi Soaps, as it is not good.

Ajit teases Rohit and says that whenever Sonakshi comes in front of him his cheeks turn red. Rohit thinks of his moments with Sonakshi and his past haunts him. He explains to Ajit and says it doesn’t matters if he reads Sonakshi’s mind, he says his relation was already destined with someone else and now no one can come in his life. Rohit goes. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit explains to someone about his and Sona’s plan. Sumit takes away Sonakshi. Rohit worries for Sonakshi.