Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 5th February 2020 Written Update: Sonakshi fails to prove herself right!

Today’s episode starts with Dipa asking why Nishi will do this. Sonakshi says for the property as she knows well after Naren dies the whole property will belong to her. Nishi cries and says she can’t live with such accusation and sets herself on fire. Sippy’s stands shocked.

Few hours ago; Sippy’s showers question on Sonakshi for putting allegation on Nishi for killing Naren. Sonakshi says Nishi is the culprit. Veena and other refuse to believe Sonakshi. Rohit enters the room and says she trusts Sonakshi. Veena says after going through so much why he is still trusting Sonakshi. Rohit says because if Sonakshi is putting such a big allegation on Nishi than she might be having some proves and for once they should listen what she wants to say.

Venna says to Rohit if Sonakshi fails to prove herself right than whole life he has to do whatever she will say. Rohit agrees. Sonakshi calls the inspector so that she can ask him to come with the proof. Inspector doesn’t receive the call and lies unconscious at the road. Mahesh enters and receives inspector call and informs Sonakshi that the person met with an accident.

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None believes Sonakshi and accuses her for creating drama. Sonaksh than tells to Rohit that apart from inspeactor the girl has the video who has shoot the video. Before, Rohit can reach the girl; Mahesh reaches the girl first and informs Nishi that the work is done.

Rohit and Akash comes back home and tells to Sonakshi that she has lost it all, as the girl whom she was talking about wasn’t in the Mumbai from past 15 days. After, many drama Nishi to proof herself right sets herself on fire and attempts suicide. Sippys stands shocked. YK and Rohit rescues Nishi. Nishi fake her accident. Later, Mahesh thanks Nishi for releasing him from the jail. (Episode Ends)

Preacp: Rohit learns Nishi’s truth!