Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 5th July 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi’s act impresses Rohit!

Today’s episode opens with Sonakshi asking Ankita not to open her washroom. She says she will be back in few minutes.

Sona tells Suman that whole sippy family has arrived. Suman says she has only called them. Sona says but media is here how they will asks Rohit to come in front of them. Sona tells a plan to Suman and Pulkit.

Sona asks Ankita that she will take her to her own made garden. She asks her to cover that area. Rohit hears her talk. Rohit asks for help and says he is claustrophobic. Sona says she will take Ankita via stairs. She takes them down.

Nisha rings the bell. Suman asks her maid to open the door. Venna asks for Rohit. Pulkit brings him outside. Venna hugs Rohit and asks about his whereabouts. Suman says he was having high fever but they took care of his son. Venna says thank you to Suman. Nisha taunts and says this all is happening because of Sonakshi and her drama.

Otherside, Sonakshi shows her garden and show which plant she has planted. Suman and Nisha do an argument on newspaper news. Later, Venna supports Nisha and gets angry on Suman. The trio fights with each other. Nisha asks to give her fund back. Suman says she is not going to return money. Sippy’s goes away.

Sonakshi keeps showing Ankita her garden. Sona sees Sippy’s returning back and relaxes. Pari tells her about the refund incident to Sona and she gets shocked hearing her. She asks Pari about which fee she is talking. Suman looks at Pari. Pari tells her the truth. Sonakshi asks Suman why she has taken money for charity event. Suman yells at Sona.

Sonakshi tries to make her understand. Suman says money is important for her because she has raised all three of them single handily. Sona hugs Suman and says she knows with how much difficulty she has raised them but it was past. She again tries to make her understand and says not to take fee for any noble cause for her sake.

Nisha says she will take the money from Suman. Vimmi says Sonakshi is doing some announcement on Telivision. She switches ON the TV.

Sonakshi does a conference to clear the newspaper misunderstanding. She says- she is not harassed at the hospital but doctor Rohit was just doing his duty. Sona clarifies the news article. Sona apologizes to the Sippy’s.

Sonakshi also returns the fee amount to Sippy’s. She in a note said along with the check she is returning Rohit’s wallet too which she has found at her compound. Sippy’s praises Sonakshi and her act. Rohit goes to his room.

Rohit receives Sonakshi’s message. She has sent him the serial number of the watch. Rohit calls watch company and says he wants to recheck his watch serial number.

Netra calls Sonakshi and says her show KPK tops the TRP chart. Sona gets happy and says let’s work more hard for next week. Rohit calls Sonakshi and says to her that he has checked a serial number from the company and the watch is registered on his name. He asks her to double check is she wants. Sona recalls about Sumit giving her the watch. Sonakshi says she don’t want to cross-check and says she will return to him. Sonakshi says she will return the watch tomorrow as she is having night shift.

Rohit says he will come to take his watch at her shooting place. He thanks to her for the interview too. Sonakshi gets surprised and says the doctor has a heart too. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sonakshi asks Pulkit to return the watch as it belongs to Rohit. Suman scolds her.

Venna and Rohit sees Sonakshi shooting in rain .