Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 7th August 2019 Written Update: Rohit spend night at Sonakshi’s house!

Today’s episode opens with Rohit saying Goodnight to Sonakshi. Sonakshi ask him what did he mean. She asks Rohit to come with her she will do dressing of his wound and then he can leave. Rohit says it’s very late he will do dressing by his own.

Sonakshi insists Rohit to let her do the dressing. Rohit ask Ravi to go and bring Sonakshi’s car.

At Sippy Mansion everyone enjoys the rain and plays card. yK ask for Rohit. Rohan wins. Dipa and Akash come drenched in rain. Naren ask about Rohit. Dipa says didn’t he is back yet. Venna worries for Rohit.

Sonakshi ask Rohit to sit till she brings first-aid kit. Rohit looks at Sona’s house. Sonkashi wipes Rohit’s wound and does the dressing.

Rohit ask to Sonakshi why she engaged Karan. Sona gets stun. Rohit apologizes and says he shouldn’t have asked about her personal life. Sonakshi tells him about her past. She gets emotional. Rohit holds her hand tightly.

Rohit recalls his past. Sonakshi looks at him and ask what happened to him. She further says he can share with him, as she can see the same pain in his eyes. Rohit tells Sona about his ex-girlfriend Raima. He says he is taking her name after 4 years. Rohit he is still waiting for her and can’t replace her in his life. Sonakshi and Rohit share a talk with each other.

Rohit says its quiet a late and he should leave now. Venna informs everyone that Rohit is safe and is at Sonakshi’s house. She tells to everyone that she has asked Ravi to ask Rohit to stay at her house only, as it’s raining heavily. Venna says she’ll make Pakodas for everyone.

Venna tries dialing Rohit’s number. She self-talks with her and thinks about Kahani Parvati Ki. Vimmi hears her and smiles. Venna turns back and gets scared seeing Vimmi. She goes inside kitchen. Vimmi ask Venna do she too watches KPK.

Venna ask her not to open her mouth infront of anyone. Vimmi tells Venna that it is a maha-episode of KPK soon.

Ravi comes and informs Rohit that Venna ask her to stay at Sonakshi’s house only. Rohit gets agree.

Power gets cut and Sonakshi worries. Rohit says power don’t cut at Malabar Hills. He falls down on Sonakshi. Rohit and Sonakshi share eye-lock.

Sonakshi brings emergency light. Rohit gets surprised seeing the tacky emergency light. Venna calls to Sonakshi and ask for Rohit.

Rohit talks with Venna. Venna tells that power got cut thus everyone is shouting. Rohit ask how power got cut there. Sonakshi hears and ask Rohit to take her emergency light with him because power goes off at Malabar hills too. Rohit and Sonakshi laughs. Pari looks at them. (Episode ends)

Precap: Suman comes back sees Rohit in her sleepwear. Rohit inform Sippy’s about Sumit. Yk, Ajit, Akash, Rohit and Rohan goes to meet Sumit on his set.