Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 7th October 2019 written update: Sonakshi reveals her past to Rohit

The episode begins with Rohit asking Sonakshi should he go back to Raima? Sonakshi nods her head in negative and say please don’t go. Rohit kissed her forehead and takes into his solace and both of them shares a bone-crushing hug. Sonakshi says that she got very much petrified and scared that she will end up losing him forever. She says she was in so much tensions and got so much tortured too. Rohit asks Sonakshi who tortured her? I didn’t say anything to you.

Sonakshi complaints like a baby to him that he doesn’t even talk to her directly. She says I came to you and I was standing beside you but you didn’t even feel like talking to me moreover you shouted at me and ask me to get out. Rohit says what option I had at that moment? Everything got messed up in that situation where everyone is judging you and doubting you so I was asking you to leave for that moment because I was not in the right frame of mind to think or talk about anything. you are not listening to me when I was asking you to go so that is why I got irritated and I shouted at you, Sonakshi Says you didn’t even call me also how much I have tried to contact you.

Rohit replies that he was not in a correct mind to talk with her that is why he chooses to keep calm. Sonakshi says I thought like everyone else you are also misunderstanding me and doubting me but you trusted me? Rohit yes of course I do, silly. I know Raima was not lying but I also know that my Sonakshi can’t do anything like this. You are not a heartless person to leave someone to die on the road. He again takes her into a bone-crushing hug when she says that she thought she almost lost him. Rohit says I am all yours and will remain yours, we can never lose each other. He says to Sonakshi you know what? Raima has every quality which I want in my life partner but she is not my Sonakshi. She is not you and I love you.

He made her sit on a tool and says I have lost my love once and I won’t let it happen again, never ever. I love you Sonakshi and both of them touched their forehead with each other. He again takes her into a hug and says Sonakshi, I want to tell you something.

Sonakshi asks him to go ahead and he confessed to her about everything that took place between him and Raima. He says Raima asked me about you and I told her that we are just professional and good friends. he also said that she told me I love you and in the reply, I also said to her me too. I know I can’t say I love you randomly to any person as I love Sonakshi only but she is very weak to take these kinds of mental stress right now. Once she will be recovered we both will go to her and tell her the entire truth.

Sonakshi says from a long time I have kept this matter of 26th September inside Me Maybe I will feel a little bit better and lighter after sharing the incident with you. Rohit asks Sonakshi to tell him everything.

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Sonakshi says you already know that day I have my engagement with Karan and I was almost ready in my home when I got a call from an unknown girl. She informs me about Karan being at Kejriwal Niwas and I decided to go and have a check because I always had a doubt on Karan. When I reach there a girl just dropped in front of my car and I screamed in fear. I got down from my car and was trying to help her when Karan comes there and stopped me from helping her. I was reluctant but then he put chloroform on me to make me unconscious. Come to the present, Rohit gets angry to listen to all this and says he is feeling like killing Karan.

Sonakshi says the night was not over with that, back at home I was arguing with Karan over this incident and I was ready to call the police but he told to me and throws the ring on my face. He threatened me and my mom that if we try to contact the police then he will ruin my face and will kidnap Pari that we will never be able to find out.

Sonakshi even came back to the place where Raima was but I got to know that she was taken to the hospital, I decided to go to Police station and lodge a complaint but my mother didn’t allow me to do so and she also emotionally made me weak and forcefully brings me back from there. Rohit side hugs Sonakshi when she says that I was never able to forget that day of 26 September. She confesses to Rohit that she wants to meet Raima and ask for an apology as somehow she is responsible for whatever happened. Rohit says that night not only Raima but you are also a victim.

Raima comes in Sippy Mansion with Ajit and meets Veena. She tries to introduce herself as Rohit’s girlfriend to Veena. Veena cuts her in middle and says that you are my son’s friend and also our guest as well. Currently, the only priority we have is your health and your speedy recovery so we can talk about everything else later, you can go and take a rest now.

Sulochana comes there and discloses to Raima that everyone in the house is faking with her because Rohit already told them in advance that they shouldn’t tell you the reality. Basically the truth is, Rohit and Sonakshi are in love and that day both the families are here for a formal gathering before marriage. Raima doesn’t want to believe her words then Sulochona says if you don’t, believe me, you can enquire about it as well. Raima starts to feel a bit of trouble breathing.

Precap – Rohit receives a call from Ajit informing him about an emergency. Raima is in the car and she is reading some messages on her phone.