Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 8th August 2019 Written Update: Rohit tells about Sumit to Sippy’s!

Today’s episode opens with Muniya going inside Sona’s house and seeing someone sleeping with knife. She gets scared and goes out. Ram Prasad come and asks Muniya to show him. The duo attack on Rohit. Sonakshi hears the voice and goes to check. Rohit struggles to free himself.

Sonakshi ask Muniya and Ram to leave Rohit. Rohit comes out from the blanket in Suman’s nightie. Everyone laugh seeing him. Sonakshi ask Muniya what she was doing. Muniya tells her that Rohit was sleeping holding knife thus she thought it is some thief. She further says at Raman and Ishita Bhalla’s house a thief was sleeping on sofa like him.

Rohit ask who Raman and Ishita? Muniya says don’t he know. Sonakshi says he doesn’t know and now you go and do your work.

Rohit ask for his clothes. Sonakshi ask him to go and change. Pari sees her unicorn sleeper and ask Sonakshi why she gave her sleeper to Rohit.

Suman come and Sonakshi hugs her. She ask to Suman why she came, as she was about to take her. Suman taunts Sonakshi and says she don’t have done, as she is busy curing others. Rohit about to speak. Sonakshi stops Rohit and ask him to go and change.

At Sippy mansion Venna looks outside and says rain has stopped and now Rohit will come back soon. Naren and venna talk with each other.

Sonakshi ask Rohit to have breakfast. Rohit says he’ll go. Suman says to Rohit that he got his angioplasty fee and now she wants him to recommend some other doctor for follow up check-ups and home visit.

Rohit says that doctors don’t have choice to choose and treat the patient, as for them each patient is equal but patients can choose doctor easily as per their wish. He further says the misunderstanding grows between them in the past but he still wish that next time they meet with the less hatred. Suman taunts Rohit and Rohit leaves the place.

Nishi informs that she has won the bidding of the expensive painitng. She says she will remove the TV from the hall and will place her painting there.

Pari fills Suman against Sonakshi and Rohit. Pulkit fights with Pari. Suman takes Pari’s side and ask Pulkit to go and study.

Vimmi informs Venna about Nishi’s painting. Venna says TV is at kitchen too. Vimmi blackmails Venna and says if she’ll not help her than she will tell everyone that she too watches Kahani Parvati Ki.

Venna says she’ll do something. She asks Nishi to place the painting at the reception area. Nishi disagrees but her mother supports Venna. Nishi agrees too.

Sonakshi searches for her clothes and sees Rohit’s jerkin. She wears his jacket and recalls about her moments with Rohit.

Pari receives Rohan’s and replies him back. Rohit informs Sippy’s about Sumit. They all decide to meet Sumit.

Director explains scene to the actors. Sonakshi gets a call from Matre. Matre makes Sona to recall the promise and ask her to be ready by next week to visit his village. Sonakshi agrees to him. Rohit, Rohan, Ajit and Akash reach the set and goes to meet Sumit. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sonakshi ask why they all are here. Akash says everything is going wrong here and asks them to do proper shoot. Netra ask why his whole family is after her show. Sonakshi asks to Netra to hire Rohit as a new writer for her show. Sumit confesses that he is the master mind behind fashion show incident. Rohit stares at him.