Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th August 2019 Written Update: Sumit is exposed!


Today’s episode opens with director explaining scene to the team. He tells to Sonakshi that her shot has a time. Sonakshi ask Sunita to call when her shot gets ready.

Director shots the kitchen scene. Rohit and his brothers come. Crew member stop him from entering. Rohit ask for Sumit. Spotboy says he is not on set.

Rohit says he might be in make-up room. Akash ask Rohit to see the shoot first, as kitchen scene is going on. Rohit ask him to watch alone, Akash ask them to wait for a while.

Akash carefully sees the scene. Director appreciates the shot. Akash says no everything is wrong here. Netra recognizes Aaksh Sippy and sees Rohit and his family.

Sonakshi comes and sees all of them. Akash ask Sona to tell them that they are not doing the shoot properly. Akash explains the scene. Netra ask Sippy’s why each one of them is after her show. She ask Rohit to give her the list of the profession his house mates are into so that she can ask the writer not to write single scenes of that.

Sonakshi says she has a better option for her. She asks Netra to hire Rohit as a writer. Rohit ask Akash to go. He tells him to let’s meet Sumit. Sonakshi too goes behind them.

Rohan block Sumit’s way first and questions him. Sumit ask him to leave his way. Ahead, Akash and Ajit come. Sumit ask them not to mess with them, as it will not be good for them. He says he’ll call security. Rohit comes from behind and asks him to call the security.

Rohti and Sumit do argument. Sumit himself confesses the truth. He explains how he plotted against Pari but Pooja became victim. He says he wanted to avenge Sonakshi but Pooja came in between. Akash about to hit Sumit but Rohit stops him.

Sonakshi says to Sumit that he is such a despicable man. Sumit says he is. Rohan about to hit Sumit but he shows them anticipatory bail. He asks them to first collect evidence against him. Netra comes and ask what’s going on at her set.

Sonakshi on mic makes everyone to hear his confession. Sumit gets tensed. He says his uncle is ACP. Rohit deletes the audio and says they are not going to the police and calls Pooja.

Pooja comes and slaps Sumit. Later, all the Sippy brothers hit Sumit black and blue. Rohit picks up Sumit and ask him to apologize each lady whom he has seen with disrespect. He further asks each woman and girl standing out there to raise the voice against people like Sumit.  Sumit says that they didn’t do right with him.

Netra fires Sumit from her show and decides to replace him. Sippy brothers take the interest and hear how they will introduce the new face. Akash, Ajit and Rohan go with Netra to see the shooting.

Rohit thanks Sonakshi for helping them. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Rohit sees her jacket at Sonakshi’s bag. Sonakshi lie to him and says she’ll find and return him. Later, Sona sees that jacket was reflecting in the mirror and decides to return it to Rohit. Rohit gives it back to Sonakshi and ask her to keep it with her only. Sonakshi smile looking at the jacket.

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