Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Mahesh enter’s Sippy Mansion with a hidden motive!

Star Plus Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is currently witnessing pre-wedding ritual ceremony of Rohit and Sonakshi.

So far in the episode it is seen, Rohit demands Sonakshi to either call Madhuri Dixit to welcome him or pay him penalty. Sonakshi ask about penalty, Rohit says kiss from her will be his penalty.

Sonakshi informs Rohit that Madhuri Dixit will sure come to welcome him.Meanwhile, Mahesh disguise as tailor and tries to get closer to Sonakshi. Sonakshi finds something fishy around her and ask Netra to tighten the security more.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Mahesh will deliberately jump in front of Tanya’s car to enter the house.

Preparation for Rohit and Sonakshi engagement will begin. Rohit will look for Tanya and Deepa. Here, Akash will be giving instructions to catering service guy and Akash will Inform Rohit about Deepa and Tanya. Later, Rohit will get ready and will wear the Kurta sent by Sonakshi.

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कहां हम कहां तुम : महेश एक छिपी हुई मंशा के साथ सिप्पी हवेली में प्रवेश करता हैं!

He will praise Sonakshi for sending such a beautiful Kurta. Later, Rastogi’s will reach Sippy Mansion. Puja and Ajit will welcome them. Meanwhile, Rohit will get restless to see Sonakshi and will eagerly await Sonakshi’s arrival. Obsessed with the Sonakshi, Mahesh will vow to stop her marriage. Do Mahesh will get succeed in his mission?

Do Sonakshi will learn about Mahesh’s intensions? Do Rohit will be able to protect Sonakshi from Mahesh? Well, time will only tell. For more twists and exciting turns, keep watching the show mon-fri on Star Plus.

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