Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Mahesh to force Sonakshi to marry him

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum airing on Star Plus is gearing up for some serious drama with their current plot. There are continuous hurdles in the way of Rohit and Sonakshi before they get married. They are facing problems with all the possible ways. While Sonakshi is being lured out to the shooting spot there have been arrangements done to make Rohit marry Raima and Mahesh to kidnap Sonakshi.

In the upcoming episodes, Puja will come to check Sonakshi and will be shocked to find Raima in the place of Sonakshi. Raima will try to confuse Puja nd will say that Rohit himself admitted that he wants to marry her instead of Sonakshi. Puja will get confused by the cunning game of Raima.

Meanwhile, on the shooting spot, Sonakshi will get to see Mahesh and will be shocked. Before Sonakshi could react he will drag her. Sonakshi will cry out for help but in vain. Later, SOnakshiw ill attack Mahesh and will even threaten to kill him. But Mahesh will use his force to drag her and will forcibly try to marry her.

Later, Rohit will make a shocking decision. What will be his decision?

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