Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Pooja commits suicide after knowing the truth

Star Plus popular show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum going through some high voltage revelation in the story line these days. Will we had seen from the start of the show that there is a secret in the Sippy family regarding the adoption of Pooja.

Somehow the truth of A reduction is connected to a very dark reality of a member from the family. Hence it was evident from the start that whenever the truth will come out in open it will create a storm in the lives of the Sippy family members. Rohit and Sonakshi are trying their best to settle the situation as much as possible but seems like it is going to be worse than before.

In the last episode we had seen that Puja is completely miffed with the entire family for telling a lie to her. She is not ready to talk to anybody and on and locked herself in her room. Tonight YK and Rohit will try to have a word with her but she refused to meet them and ask them to get out of her room.

Sonakshi will get upset to see the behaviour of Pooja. She will break down in her room and says to Rohit that in spite of promising the entire family that she will take care of Pooja, she fails to fulfill it and everything got messed up. Rohit will try to console her and convey her that he trusts and her and knows that she must have tried to keep it secret genuinely. At the late hours of the night when Sonakshi decides to have a check on Puja, she finds out the room is dark. as soon as she switches on the light she encounters an unthinkable vision in front of her. Pooja is lying lifelessly on the floor. She calls Rohit for help and the entire family gathered there. Will Pooja survive this time or as usual Sonakshi will get blamed again by the family members?