Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Raima meets Rohit!

Edge of the seat drama ahead in Star Plus show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum. Viewers will witness Raima will regain her full consciousness and will rush to meet Rohit.

In the upcoming episode will see, both Rohit and Sonakshi will get into the flashbacks. Sonakshi will reach her set and Rohit will reach his hospital. They will meet everyone with a smile. Both Sonakshi and Rohit will be completely lost in their world ignoring everyone. Here Netra will come to know about the proposal and will feel happy for Sonakshi. Here Raima’s mom will call Sonakshi and Sonakshi will inquire about Raina’s health will tell her that Raima could be shifted to a bigger hospital. Sonakshi will also inform her that it is Sippy’s hospital; hearing this Raima’s mom will disconnect the call.

Later, after packing up Sonakshi will be moving towards her car and will spot Rohit there and will inquire what was he doing there. Later, both will have a cup of tea there. An emotional Rohit will narrate his past to Sonakshi. Meanwhile, Raima will wake up from her coma. Raima will inquire her mother as to how long she was in a coma. Sengupta will tell her since 4years.
Later, Sonakshi will give Rohit a tip to impress her mother.
What more will happen in the show stay tuned to read Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum full written update of today’s episode?

Raima will rush to meet Rohit. Unaware of the fact about Raima’s health, Rohit will spend quality time with Sonakshi.

Now what new turn the trios life will take, will be watching worthy. Don’t miss watching the show Mon-Fri on Star Plus.

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