Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Raima to overhear Rohit’s love confession to Sonakshi

In the upcoming episode will see Sonakshi will go to meet Mamai, Rohit will come behind Sonakshi and Mamai will see him.

Sonakshi will reach Hospital and will ask Mamai is she like the bouquet or not, Mamai will nod yes. Tanushree will tell Sonakshi that she can’t see the sad face of Mamai.  Sonakshi will ask Mamai to atleast drop some hint. Here, Rohit will also arrive and will ask about Sonakshi at information desk. Here, there will be hit and miss between Tanushree and Rohit.

Here Sonakshi will tell Mamai about her show and she will try to make Mami write something. Meanwhile, Nurse will tell Sonakshi about Rohit and Mamai will get hyper listening to this. Later, Raima will get shocked to meet Sonakshi. Meanwhile, Rohan will vent his anger on Tanya. Later at the hospital, Rohit romantically will propose to Sonakshi.

Rohit will hug Sonakshi and will try to get close to her. Sonakshi will tell to Rohit to control, as there is big problem too on their way. She will further ask to give her the time to convince Suman. Rohit will agress to her.

What more will happen in the episode, stay tuned with us to read the full written update of Kahaah Hum Kahaan Tum 25th September 2019

Rohit and Sonakshi will spend quality time together. Ronakshi’s romantic date ahead will be all dreamy to look forward for. So, fans don’t miss watching Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episodes.

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