Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Rohit to hurt Sonakshi!

Next in the upcoming episode Rohit will decide to propose Sonakshi but he will find it difficult to express his feelings in front of her. Later, Tulsi and Dr. Dimpi will help him.


Sonakshi will ask Rohit to see her eyes and say what he sees. Rohit will reply redness and black circles and will say that she must be suffering from vitamins deficiency. Sonakshi will get mad hearing this from Rohit. Later, Rohit will realise that Sonakshi loves him. Meanwhile Mrs Sengupta will request Sonakshi to meet Raima. Sonakshi will go to the hospital. Here Nurse will be helping Raima to hold the pen and Raima will see Sonakshi and will get surprised.

Here, Rohit will try to connect with Sonakshi but won’t be able to reach her. He will call Pulkit and will ask him about Sonakshi , later he will ask Pulkit to join internship in his hospital under him only. Pulkit will get happy.

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What more will happen in the show, stay tuned with us to read the full written update of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 24th September 2019

Rohit and Sonakshi’s life is all set to take a new turn. The duo will be seen enjoying their first date. But soon after their happy momets Raima will make her entry and will accuse Sonakshi for doing her accident. It will be interesting to watch what next will happen in the show.

Do Rohit will believe Raima or he will help Sonakshi to clear Raima’s misunderstandin? Well, time will only tell. So, keep watching Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum mon-fri on Star Plus.

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