Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Sonakshi decides to Step back in Star Plus show

The most popular love story of recent time “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” is gearing towards the biggest twist in the tale now. Sonakshi who is already aware of the feelings she had for Rohit got hopeful after Rohit starts to behave differently with her. She thought maybe he wants to move on and he is also liking her. All her dreams and hopes come to a crushing end when in the night of Ganapati immersion she gets a call from Rohit.

Rohit who is still not out of his past and his ex-girlfriend Raima is not able to understand his current feelings. Hence when he finds out about forgetting the birthday of Raima, he gets shaken and couldn’t stand the fact. He lashed out at Sonakshi and blamed her for this mess.

A broken Sonakshi realized she is just going with the flow of emotions whereas Rohit is still in love with Raima and she was nowhere in the picture. She feels broken and feels relieved that finally, she is aware of what is in his mind? After all this, she still went to help Rohit after getting a call from Ravi. She helps him to get in the church and lights up a candle.

In tonight’s episode, Sona will ask father to do her share of pray for Raima and walks out of the church leaving Rohit behind. She leaves him with his memories of love and decides to maintain a distance from him for a greater good.

Meanwhile, Rohit sees Sonakshi in his vision while praying. With situation is getting complicated each day and each moment, how will Sonakshi and Rohit deal with this inner turmoil of them? Will Raima’s entry made the union of Sonakshi and Rohit a myth forever?

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