Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum :- Sonakshi to get upset with Rohit


Star Plus newly launched show kahaan Hum kahaan Tum started off with decent TRP and of course with huge feedback coming from the online audience. The shoe is based on people who belong from totally contradicting profession from each other and how they fall in love. Currently, the story of the show is revolving around Sonakshi and Rohit accident confrontations with each other. Their funny and cute activities and argument with each other is, of course, one of the favorite elements for the regular audience of the daily. Like Rohit took offense in everything done by Sonakshi. As Sonakshi also judge Rohit on his momentum actions about everything of her.

and the upcoming episodes of the flick the makers are trying to take the story a bit for what with their twist and turns. Last night’s episode had shown that Sonakshi attends the event of hospital inauguration and gives a pretty decent speech at the speech. Though Rohit doesn’t show or express his satisfaction on the face but somehow deep down in his mind he is happy with Sonakshi speech and intelligence about the whole technology. In the upcoming episodes of the show, the audience will get to see that Rohit again says some foul things for Sonakshi which she hers accidentally and gets upset. She still confronts him and asks him to be a human as well besides the doctor.

Later Sonakshi thought to meet someone in the hospital but Rohit stops her. She asks him to let her see the patient but as usual, Rohit will be adamant on his stand. Seems like things are going to be too much interesting and spicy in the future episodes. Are you liking the catfight between Rohit and Sonakshi? Then let us know in the comment box below.

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