Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 10th January 2020: Sonakshi gives promise to Rohit!

Today’s episode opens with Sonakshi sits stunned. Some unknown men stalk Sonakshi.

Few moments before:

Rohit tells to Sonakshi how he learned about Naren’s affair. He tells to Sonakshi that he was 18 years old when he learned that Naren is having extra-marital affair with the doctor at the hospital. He says Pooja’s mother died but he has hidden the truth; Naren is Pooja’s father for Veena’s sake. Sonakshi hugs Rohit. She says to Rohit to tell truth to Venna. Rohit refuses and gives his promise to her not to ever tell Venna the truth. Sonakshi agrees.

Afterwards, Sonakshi thinks Rohit has closed the door than how it is opened. She sees glass kept outside her room and thinks someone overheard their talk and worries. There, Pooja declares Venna and Naren as the game winner. Veena praises Naren on the stage and Rohit gets irked.

Rohit after hearing Venna’s speech says to Sona Veena’s world starts and ends on Naren. He asks Sonakshi not to ever tell truth to Venna. There, Nishi gets angry on Rohit for telling Naren’s truth to Sonakshi. Rohit says Sona is no outsider and being his wife he trust her. Sonakshi comes and assures Nishi and YK that she will never ever let the truth come out.

YK says to Sonakshi except us 4 none should learn the truth. Ahead, Sonakshi and Rohit go to Suman’s house for the dinner. Afterwards, Rohit gets romantic with Sonakshi. He was about to kiss Sonakshi but phone rings and Sonakshi leave for the shoot.

Further, Sonakshi hears cat’s crying voice and gets scared sees someone’s standing hiding behind the tree. She ask Shankar and guards to check. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Someone sticks the sticky note on Sonakshi’s car window that reads the man knows the truth of Naren Sippy.