Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 11th December 2019: An unknown person interrupts Ronakshi’s special night!

Today’s episode starts with Rohit and Sonakshi gets close and Rohit’s mobile rings. Sonakshi ask him to receive. Rohit stands shocked hearing the voice from other side.

Few hours ago, YK comes to Rohit and asks him to come with him, as he and Nishi have to discuss something important. Rohit excuses himself from Sonakshi and goes with YK. There, Suman ask Rohan what he is doing here. Pari tells to Rohan that she has already prepared the designs. Rohan ask Pari to come with him to view the sight but Suman says Pari needs to focus on her acting career thus she can’t work with him and waste her time. Pari too says same to Rohan and Rohan is left confused.

There, Nishi says to Rohit to tell the truth to Sonakshi but Rohit refuses to tell any truth to Sonakshi. Here, Netra says to Sonakshi that TRP of the serial is not rising thus they need to shoot romantic rain sequence between her and Sumit for the show. But Sonakshi refuses shooting the romantic sequence saying she is married. Later, YK tries to make Rohit understand and ask him to tell the Sonakshi the truth before it’s gets late. Rohit says he can’t do that.

Ahead, in the car Rohit and Sonakshi decides that today they will only spend quality time with each other and will not think of anything. Other side, an unknown lady cuts Pooja’s news from the paper and keeps in her bag. At hotel, Rohit and Sonakshi misunderstand each other seeing handcuff as a gift. There, Lawyer refuses to help Rani in Pooja Sippy matter.

Sonakshi and Rohit do argument on handcuff and later, realize the duo hasn’t ordered the handcuff for the special night. Ronakshi spends quality time together. Rohit gives gift to Sonakshi. Aaj Phir TumPe Pyaar Aaya Hai song plays in the background and Sonakshi and Rohit gets closer. Menawhile, Rohit refuses a call from unknown person and stands shocked. He tells to the person not to call him again, as he will never come to meet her. Unknown person calls Rohit again after he hangs up the call. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit threatens a girl and ask her dare not to reveal the truth to Pooja or Sonakshi or he will kill her.