Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 12th November 2019: Sonakshi in a fix

Today’s episode starts with Suman yelling at Sonakshi and saying she will not go anywhere no matter what channel does.

Few hours before, Mahesh asks a man out there to act well. A man comes in front of director’s car and acts well; meanwhile Mahesh throws away the shooting stuffs in bin. There, Sippy’s dances and enjoys. Afterwards, Venna ask Naren to bless Rohit so that he too will be understanding and loyal like him. Rohit ask Naren to give him the advice. Ahead, Sukhmani ask everyone to hurry up.

Other side, Mahesh gets mesmerized seeing Sonakshi in brial look. Sonakshhi ask Mahesh if he has seen anyone down, as Netra is not receiving her call. Mahesh ask Sonakshi not to stress.

Rohit and Sippy mates arrives. Netra tells to Sonakshi that they are at police station and channel is threating her to close the show. Sonakshi ask Netra to do the arrangements at her nearby studio as she will give close up there only because she can’t start her new life risking 100 unit peoples whose life runs with this show.

Suman comes to meet Sonakshi and gets emotional seeing her. She tells Sonakshi that Rohit arrives. Netra informs Sonakshi that they got the location and ask her to come soon. Suman yells at Sonakshi and says she will not go anywhere. Sonakshi tries to make Suman understand but Suman gets adamant on her decision. Mahesh thinks Sonakshi has to leave the house for his sake. Suman welcomes Rohit and Sippy’s. Later, Suman performs the ritual with Rohit and Pari gets jealous seeing Rohan and Tanya together. Further, Sonakshi looks for a way to escape from the house. Afterwards, Venna ask Raima to give necklace to Sonakshi and Raima goes to Sonakshi and praises her. Raima ask Sonakshi why she is tensed. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Raima gets ready as Sonakshi and Rohit knocks the door and says he is coming inside. Raima gets scared.